Shelfie: The Bathtub Tray for Safer Play!

Shelfie Caleb 1 CollageFor as long as there have been bathtubs and toddlers, there have been moms and dads beside the tub with a yucky, soppy towel, catching the overflow. It’s the worst…the mess, the chaos, the laundry afterwards. It never seems to get any better and they never seem to have less toys! You are on the edge of your seat trying to make sure they are having fun, but are not going to slip and fall. Parents, the time has come for a practical revolution in how toddlers and preschoolers enjoy their tub time!

Introducing Shelfie—the bathtub tray for safer play! Um, could you please repeat that?

This easy-to-use tub shelf sticks (with suction cups) to the outer wall of the tub and contains the drips (and pours!) of items that are placed upon it. It creates additional play and holding space for cups, toys, washcloths, too! So, what you’re saying is, that Caleb now has a cool, organized place to play, and I don’t have to worry as much about him slipping while he goes for a toy in the tub? And it helps contain all the water from making the bathroom floor like a swimming pool?

Indeed…and Caleb absolutely loves the Shelfie. He can’t get enough. He actually tries to put the shelf on the tub himself if Natalie or Liam took it down! He’s obsessed…mommy’s little boy! Remember, though, as great as it is, Shelfie is designed to hold anything BUT the child (children should not sit or stand on Shelfie)…had to include that little PSA there.

It’s an awesome idea and a great product started by a mom that wanted to find a better way. Guess what, she did. Good for her…and for all of us, too! Bring a little bit of sanity to your bath time, people…

Shelfie Caleb 2 CollageSay goodbye to that sloppy wet towel on your bathroom floor…say hello to a Shelfie! To find out more about Selfie, please visit:

MSRP: $19.95.

Lady and the Blog LLC was sent a Shelfie for review.

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