Seventh Generation Helps Our Children Say No to Toxins #fighttoxins

Did you know that the primary US law that regulates chemicals in everyday products hasn’t been updated in 38 years? It is downright scary how many toxins are in some of our cleaning products. What’s scarier is that kids are exposed to over 300 toxins before they’re even born. I used to think that these toxins in my cleaning products were necessary to get the grit and grime out of my apartment. As it turns out, there are products that do the job just as well with less of the icky stuff. You don’t have to be the parent that uses fabric diapers to make a difference. It’s much much easier to make a change. The craziest thing is that these toxins are affecting our kids by increasing the likelihood of cancer, asthma and other heath problems. Now, kids are getting a chance to stand up for themselves and make their voices known. Seventh Generation is collecting 100,000 signatures by Earth Day (April 22nd) to push the discussion with the government by going to Congress. You can help make a difference by signing their petition. 
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I went to a cocktail party with Seventh Generation to learn a bit more about all these toxins. I was wondering how scary could it really be? Well, it’s pretty scary. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 300 toxins are showing up in umbilical cords. This stuff can hurt babies’ nervous systems, hamper with brain development and lower their IQs. That’s a bit mind-boggling. Seventh Generation makes it so easy to use cleaner products. I saw several product tests that measured the amount of toxins in certain products and the levels are super high.
The most telling part for me, though, was this.
Most chemical products advise you to rinse your eyes and call Poison Control when their product gets into your eye. Well, Seventh Generation products are so super clean, they advise you to rinse your eyes….and that’s it! The chemicals are so non-toxic, they aren’t likely to leave you in need of serious medical attention if it accidentally gets into your eyes.
Be a part of this movement to clean up the world for our children. Earth Day is NEXT WEEK. Do your part. Click here to sign the petition and help give our children a much needed voice.
For more info on Seventh Generation, click here. Get their products at your local mass retailer.

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  1. Karen wrote:

    I LOVE that you blogged about this. I was SO ignorant about chemicals and toxins until I had a baby who has severe skin allergies. I tossed everything I had been buying and started fresh. 7th Generation is definitely my go to now. My guy is allergic to everything and hasn’t had a single reaction to any 7th Generation product. They are clearly doing it right!

    Posted 4.20.14

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