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So many holidays, so many gifts. It seems to never end. The mountain of gifts keeps growing. Birthdays, Christmas, even Halloween and Easter! Of course, it’s very nice that our kids get treated so well by family and friends, but sometimes it just seems to be a little too much. But what can you do? Tell people to not give them anything? There just doesn’t seem a right way to handle it.

Until now…

What if there was a solution to this modern day problem? What if there was an option that was developed with the intent of solving two problems: finding the right gifts for the children in our lives and teaching our children to both understand and value money? That would be pretty awesome, right? I’m all for it!!

This option is called Sow ( The idea was planted in the founder’s head when her 9 year-old daughter shared with her that all she wanted for her birthday was money to start an investment account and a new bike. Bing! The founder knew that the gifts she would likely receive would not get her anywhere closer to her stated goals.

Sow allows children from 0-22 to actively establish both short and long-term goals that positively impact their lives and the lives of others, and simultaneously participate in the save, spend, share model of financial growth.

Why not raiser Sowers and not just mindless consumers??? Brilliant!!

Children are able to Sow for: Savings (for college, investment accounts, or a rainy day), Sharing (donating money to organizations or causes) and Spending (bikes, trips, gadgets, etc.) Sow also enables family and friends to donate and make contributions towards goals that the kids are passionate about rather than buying them more goods. Sow is free to the Sower but for those who donate to the user’s Sow profile, Sow will charge a 5% transaction fee. It’s “Sow” simple…just take a look!

I love that fact that the kids could donate some of their gifts to their favorite causes like St. Jude’s and North Shore Animal league all while actually working toward a goal they have set for themselves. The value in that is limitless and the satisfaction they will experience from giving to others is priceless. It’s all right there, ready to be set up and taken advantage of. You transform basic gift-giving into goal-giving..and that’s amazing. Everyone donating to their Sower will feel good too knowing what they are contributing to. It’s not just another fad toy of the moment that the kids have 5 of already. Their gift is made meaningful and the Sower can now save with meaning and spend with purpose.

Here’s a sneak peak of how cool the site is and how easy it is to understand for the kids!!

First, set up your profile with pics and more!


Next, create your goal or goals!

Natalie wants to give back to St. Jude’s, because kids should be happy, not sick.

Natalie wants to save for an iPhone 6, too. Totes…


Keep updated with posts:

Thats’s pretty much it. It’s super easy, believe me.

Find out more about Sow in this video:

So Who Sows? Babies. College Students. Birthday boys and girls. Young people who want to change their futures. Young people who want to change the world. It’s just an awesome platform that works across so many spectrums. It’s great to think about what you can do with it!!

I asked Natalie and Liam, and this is what they will Sow for:

So, are you ready to sign up and Sow? That’s good because I know I am!!! It’s going to get even better!!! Be one of the first 1000 people to sign up and you’ll be entered to win $500 for your child’s Sow profile!!!

To find out more about how you can raise a Sower, check out:

*I am working in partnership on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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