Sesame Street Lullaby & Good Night Elmo Toy Review (VIDEO)


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I have been snuggling with the Sesame Street Lullaby & Good Night Elmo Toy ever since I brought it home. I know my little Caleb is a bit too young for this toy, but I am going to hold onto it until he is ready to snuggle with his soon-to-be best friend.

After a long day of playing, Elmo needs to get some sleep! Children can snuggle up with Elmo and they can listen to a sweet lullaby together. Press Elmo’s tummy to hear a few bedtime phrases and Brahms’ Lullaby.

I did a video review so you can hear some of what Lullaby & Good Night Elmo has to say. 

The Sesame Street Lullaby And Good Night Elmo retails online for under $18.

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