Say Hello To My New Refrigerator: The LG French 3 Door With Door-In-Door

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When my husband and I bought our house in 2007, we gutted it to the studs and replaced every single thing inside… except for the refrigerator. It seemed like it was in good shape and we decided that we would keep the one that came with the purchase. 7 years later, we decidedĀ it was time to retire that model. We lost half of the shelves that were on the fridge door, the water and ice maker never worked and the temperatures began to get a little testy.

After researching for a while, we decided that we wanted the LG French 3 Door Refrigerator with Door in Door. Total magic. I’m going to do a whole video on this puppy when I get home from the hospital and settled with Liam. I cannot tell you how super excited we are to finally have a fridge with function. There’s so much MAGIC in this model. I swear!


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I mean… just look at the door in door. Use this space for items that you frequently use – think snacks and drinks. This way, you don’t have to open up the entire fridge to get to them.

Did I mention that this fridge has 30 cubic feet of space for storage? I’ve given tours of this fridge every day since we placed it in our kitchen. No one can believe how much space is available for our food. The crazy thing? Our old fridge probably offered up half as much space as was exactly the same size! I don’t even understand how that is POSSIBLE but it is TRUE.

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And the ice maker is in the DOOR behind the storage units. So, LG wasn’t kidding around when they said they wanted to give us maximum usage of space. You can’t even see the ice maker in this image because it’s so well designed. But it’s on the left and it’s working. Amazing…

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.02.13 AM

I told my family that we need to take care of this one. No science projects are allowed to be left in this LG refrigerator. Oh no! This beauty will remain a beauty. I’m slicing up fruit and using pretty tupperware people. It’s getting serious! Take a look at the storage above — lots of showroom. I’m so GIDDY.

The shelves are adjustable by the way! So, if you have a very tall bottle of champagne and it can’t fit on the top shelf, simply push back and make room. LOVE IT. (video to come)

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.02.06 AM


And I don’t want to leave the freezer out because there’s a ton of room down there for your goods as well.

Want to learn more about the LG French 3 Door Refrigerator with Door in Door? Visit LG! And stay tuned here on the blog, because I am going to have PLENTY more to say on this subject.

* I’ve partnered up with LG to promote the LG French 3 Door Refrigerator.

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