Rosa Cha Spring 2011

Rosa Cha’s Spring 2011 collection was inspired by the Brazilian tropical gardens. Prints on the swimsuits show the rich greens and yellows of the ‘snake plant’. It was also influenced by the structured underwear and the perfecto jacket.

The print used liberally was a beautiful green and yellow design. This was juxtaposed by the rigid black lines that showed the influence of the jacket. The structure was a sharp contrast to the suits, that looked like underwear, at times, albeit elaborate underwear. The tops of many of the suits resembled corsets, with black boning. Panels of mesh were also incorporated on the sides. Some of the panties were high waisted, giving the collection an almost vintage feel. For those modest about their bodies, there were a few one piece suits with boning, to hide those unwanted bulges. A few mini dresses were included in the collection. They were strapless and minimal in fabric.
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