Remember When I Said Tomorrow Would Be The Day I Started It All?


I lied. A big fat lie. The biggest, fattest, juiciest donut. Wait what? What am I saying?? Oh yeah – me lying about starting to work out.

I totally lied about starting working out.

Look, I’m getting all my ducks in order. I really am. I found a ton of free workout videos on YouTube. I’m setting up a little area in the basement to house some weights that I purchased and I’m eating better on a regular basis. That’s the HONEST TRUTH.

BUT, I haven’t stepped foot on my treadmill yet. Not one foot. I think about it though. Does that count? It’s going to happen any moment, I swear!!

I made this app last week for my Audrey and Vera Facebook page and I thought it was just so fitting because it’s TRUE. I mean, I want to be fit but I also want donuts. What can a girl do????? Seriously.

I’m waiting for a switch to turn on. Like I’m going to wake up one morning and suddenly feel “fit” and “active”. Where is all my energy? I think my last child sucked it out of me! LOL

Anyway – I felt like I needed to make a real confession because I’ve been writing about fitness more and more on the site but… haven’t actually done anything yet. I don’t want to be a flake … but I also don’t want to be a hypocrite. Just needed to get this all off my chest.

Thankfully, all of the holiday parties are over. Now, it’s just me and my excuses. No more else to blame!

How have you been doing with fitness and health promises lately???


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