Redecorating Your House? Then You Need This Doormat #Etsy


I am literally cracking up!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I just love ETSY – you find the most creative and witty peple. I stumbled upon a shop owner who needs to become my FRIEND. Check out this doormat that is currently available for purchase:

If you’re Amazon,

a babysitter,

or Joanna Gaines

we’re home!


As you know, I’ve spent the last few weeks redecorating my entire house – room by room. I’m not done! I still have to repaint my living room (don’t tell my husband because he doesn’t know yet), work on my daughter’s bedroom and reevaluate my bedroom as well. However, I am 10000% happy with my office and dining room. So, small steps!!

I need this doormat. RIGHT NOW! You do too! Click here for purchase.


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