Reading The Four Hour Work Week And Don’t Think It’s Possible

A friend of mine recommended that I read ‘The Four Hour Work Week‘ because this year I”ve been drowning. It’s my fault. I am trying to run three businesses and still be actively involved in the lives of my kids. It’s an impossibility. You just can’t be present all day when work is so overloading. That disconnect is causing an issue for me. I can’t have the best of both worlds – so I suffer because of it.

I hired a new writer on INO and was able to bring down INO’s time commitment to about 3 hours a day instead of 5. But then I have to head on over to my two other businesses and I still end up pulling about 7 hours of work A DAY. I mean – how is a 4 hour work week possible?

The theories are great. I get the concept. I’m enjoying the text, but there’s one assumption that’s faulty. Not everyone has one job. I most certainly don’t. Three separate businesses require more that 4 hours a week.

Last night, I was reading a chapter and found out the author checks emails on Mondays. Let me clarify because I know you don’t understand what I just said – he only checks emails once a week. I just about fell out of my chair. I couldn’t possibly do that. My celebrity gossip site is constantly breaking news – on an hourly basis. If I didn’t check my emails the stories wouldn’t go live and my readers would go elsewhere. I guess the answer is – have someone else check the emails for me. Hire an assistant. But that costs money – and that also means I have to let someone into my personal email account. I’m dry heaving just thinking about it.

Either way, I do suggest the book. It does give you a different perspective on working. And for the most part I agree with what Timothy Ferris is saying, it’s just harder to practice than it is to believe.

This week’s project is practicing eye contact. That’s my first little task that was assigned to me. As soon as I shower and get a bra on… I’m all over that!! 😉

Have you read ‘The Four Hour Work Week’? There’s some life changing concepts in there and I’m only a few chapters in. Now if you will excuse me, I have to figure out how I am going to earn enough money for me and my husband to bring our children to Japan in the next 6 months. Where’s my calculator?

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  1. AllieLL wrote:

    Oh my gosh! Only on Mondays? I would cease to exist and everything I do would fall apart completely if I only checked my e-mail on Monday. I’m not being dramatic, it is simply true! I have read SO many books about streamlining life, etc. and they are so specific, make assumptions that everyone can fit their life into neat little boxes, and usually involve recommending things (like hiring someone) that aren’t in the range of what I’m capable of right now. It can be so frustrating!

    Also, if I only worked 4 hours a week, I’m pretty sure I’d go nuts and drive everyone around me nuts. But working only 30 hours a week sounds kind of blissful. . .

    Posted 8.11.10
  2. Mizzy wrote:

    all these books sound like they’re directed towards people in very specific careers. I am a PhD student and a teacher at a local college, so there is no way I could do all my work in 4 hours a week – that barely covers the number of hours I spend in front of the classroom in one week, let alone the preparation, grading, helping students, oh and writing my dissertation proposal.

    Posted 8.11.10
  3. Leslie wrote:

    I don’t understand the concept of The 4 Hour Workweek AT ALL! Yet, I see it is a bestseller and gets good reviews. It does not seem feasible.

    Posted 8.12.10
  4. capturinglife wrote:

    Email once a week is laughable. Everything comes via email nowadays…I could never do that.

    I agree that these books come up with these “simple” solutions to organize our lives and they never work for the majority of people. Maybe I should write one of these books. Then with the millions I make, I CAN only work four hours! ROFL!

    Japan, Vera? How amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted 8.12.10
  5. Mandy wrote:

    Hi Vera,
    I read this book about 2 years ago, and despite having read it, I’m still spinning my wheels working too much, getting paid too little. I’m trying hypnotherapy now. I think it should be more effective. Maybe you should look into hypnotherapy!?!! 🙂
    Peace, and love your blog,

    Posted 8.12.10
  6. USAFMomma wrote:

    Four hour work week?? Totally laughable, I’d be sent to jail if I tried to get away with that as I’m in the Air Force. I got back a few days ago from a deployment where we work 12 hour shifts, 7 days a week. Yeah, you read that right, no days off at all

    Posted 8.12.10
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    Posted 1.18.14

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