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Product Review: journeyBee: Pop. Play. Stay. Anywhere.

I recently had the opportunity to try out a brand new travel crib that simplifies the experience of transporting and setting up a sleep and play area for infants. Recently introduced to the United States, but already a phenomenon overseas, the journeyBee is a portable crib that makes life a little easier on caregivers.

Weighing in just over 10lbs, the journeyBee can be stored neatly and unobtrusively in its accompanying outer case with handles and a shoulder strap for easy transport and comfort. Assembly is a no-brainer; it literally pops open. No tools, and no real thought to be had. Once the journeyBee has popped open, you just insert the mattress into the bottom compartment, lay down the Velcro fleece inside, and you’re ready to go. A nice feature that I found in the carrying case and the crib itself are handy zippered pockets, whether just to store toys, accessories, or even a cell phone to play a lullaby. Disassembly was just as easy- all I had to do was remove the mattress, fold down the crib, and in seconds it was compact and ready to be placed into the carrying case.


With so much ease in the assembly and breakdown, I had my concerns about safety. I wasn’t about to have the babies of my family play inside a travel crib that I wasn’t sure would be entirely safe. I decided to get in the crib myself. I leaned on the sides with all my weight, in every which way, and it was sturdy as ever. Then I watched my eight-year old torture the crib a little bit, as she crawled around and even kicked the sides. It held up strong. My next test was to introduce the journeyBee to its intended audience- an infant. Not only did she seem happy to be playing inside, her parents, loyal “Pack ‘n Play” users, were in awe of the ease to which it assembled. When you have a shortage of space, and so much to carry already, this product makes a big difference.

While comparable products like the Graco “Pack ‘n Play” and Baby Bjorn Travel Crib are great products as well, they don’t offer the same simplicity, and often exceed reasonable price points. In my opinion, and the opinion of the parents that have tried it out, at $149, the journeyBee, available in multiple colors and patterns, is worth every penny. Launching online and at select retailers this fall, the journeyBee is recommended for ages 0-18 months.

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Written By Samantha Ewers

Jessica @FoundtheMarbles

Thursday 11th of October 2012

Love this idea. I wish they had these available when my kids were toddlers!

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