Dollie & Me Is The Perfect Toy For Little Girls

I wish I had a doll that had the same clothes as me when I was a child. I mean… HOW COOL IS THAT? I am seriously considering buying the Christmas outfit for Natalie and her new ‘Dollie and Me‘  doll (who she named Lauren).

Dollie & Me Is The Perfect Toy For Little Girls

Dollie and Me

Watching my daughter play with her Dollie and Me is just the sweetest thing. Truly! There’s something so special about their relationship.

It’s almost as if Natalie loves this doll that much more because she thinks they have a connection. The clothes make all the difference.

If you are in the market for a realistic-looking doll but have no intention of breaking the bank, consider this brand! These 18-inch dolls will run you anywhere between $24-$34. That’s about HALF what their competitors are asking for. Talk about a bargain.

Natalie’s grandparents are also in love with this brand. They’ve already promised to get her a few sisters for her next birthday. How exciting!! Matching clothes. Future friends. And long-lasting memories. I will take it.

Child playing with Dollie and Me doll

Naturally, the SECOND we got the ‘Dollie & Me’ box open, Natalie took all of Lauren’s clothes off. Does your daughter do this? I mean it’s INSTANT.

She loves to deconstruct and reconstruct her toys. It’s almost as if she is playing mommy herself. I was waiting for her to give this doll a bath.

Child playing with Dollie and Me doll(a very serious Natalie)

Child playing with Dollie and Me doll

Child playing with Dollie and Me doll

Matching Outfits 

As soon as she could, Natalie put on the matching outfits. My daughter LOST IT when I showed her the clothing. She squealed and immediately changed.

You have to check out the catalog – there are so many options to choose from! I just know your daughter is going to love these options.


* company sent sample for review. Post contains affiliate links

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  1. Melissa wrote:

    So perfect for little girls!! Chasey would die if she had a matching outfit with her dollie!! Going to check out the website now!

    Posted 10.26.10
  2. Sherry wrote:

    That is so darn cute! And wow on the price – that’s a great deal!

    Posted 10.26.10
  3. marianne wrote:

    She’s beautiful! Natalie, of course. The doll is cute too.

    Posted 10.27.10
  4. Robyn wrote:

    What is the hair quality like on this doll? I’m planning to buy this one but can’t find reviews about the hair. Is it glued on? Are there patches without hair or is hair all over the head? Thanks!

    Posted 10.27.10

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