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Pregnancy Update: Stable But Still Dynamic (Oh And I Lost 5 Pounds)

The dreaded Thursday appointment. I go in once a week because of all the complications I’m having with this pregnancy. I was especially nervous about this visit because I was NOT on full bed rest this week. Hurricane Sandy had me up and about helping my kids to safety, moving everyone around, going up and down from the basement. I knew I wasn’t supposed to do these things – but what can you do when you are fearing for your children?

So, I tried as much as I could to not move. But life happened.

My appointment was for 2:00 and I didn’t get home until 5. Because of all the power outages and because I go to a high risk practice, the doctors were simply overwhelmed. These women who missed their appointments in the beginning of the week HAD to be seen. It’s not a healthy follow up. They NEED to get in and make sure everything is ok. So the wait was insane. But I completely understood.

When it was my turn, I (of course) started to have breathing issues because I’m a freaking nut case these days. But right away I saw my cervix was measuring 2.1 which is HIGHER than last week. GREAT NEWS! I will take it.

Progesterone is working. And hopeful that now that I am fully resting again – it will improve more for next week’s appointment.

When I was weighed in, they said I lost 5 pounds. It was a bit shocking but I think I figured out why. I haven’t had my grilled bacon with cheese on a roll in DAYS. I also haven’t been having Starbucks daily. That’s a few hundred calories I am saving a day. WHO KNEW MY CRAVINGS WERE PUTTING ON THAT MANY POUNDS?

Don’t get me wrong – as soon as we are back up and in order Bill will continue to go order me that bad boy. In fact, seeing this picture has sent my cravings into overdrive. We are having some issues with I’m Not Obsessed this morning, otherwise I would force my husband right out the door to pick it up for me. LOL!

Mmmmmmmm bacon…..

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