PLEASE HELP ME OUT — Answer This One Question

We are doing a redesign for all my properties and my husband wants me to split out Lady and the Blog into two separate websites. He wants me to do a fashion website and then a personal one that focuses on product reviews for kids, my ‘Inside the Kitchen’ posts, my travel stuff etc. I don’t know what to do because LOGICALLY that makes sense – but Lady and the Blog is everything I LOVE. It kinda brings all that I am into one space. I love fashion. I’m a mom. I love to cook.

I don’t know!!

But what do you think? When you come here, are you looking to read only ONE part? For instance, do you like the celebrity fashion finds and are annoyed at my personal posts? Or the other way around – is there too much fashion related content and you just want mom info?

HELP! If you want to leave a comment as well as taking the quick poll, I would appreciate it.

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  1. I already voted, but I wanted to say, too – I love reading complex, diverse websites about complex, diverse people. I am a HUGE believer in keeping content together. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your decision!

    Posted 3.10.11
  2. Chaucee wrote:

    I would say split the content. There’s so much going on here and I usually feel overwhelmed when coming to the site. So many focuses on the blog! I usually come here just to look at your personal blog.

    Ps – Hope you are doing well Vera!

    Posted 3.10.11
    • BoN wrote:


      Posted 3.10.11
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    If you wanted to do a full fashion site then that would be great, but I don’t think you should pull out all the different topics that make LatB what it is. I like that it isn’t just one type of topic but instead peppered with topics (like the fashion finds) that I wouldn’t normally read. The site is a little slice of you and that’s what we like.

    Posted 3.10.11
  4. Vera wrote:

    I think I found a solution — let me play around a bit.

    Posted 3.10.11
  5. Sherry wrote:

    I love it as it is. It’s a nice mix of everything all wrapped up into one site!!!

    Posted 3.10.11
  6. Jillian wrote:

    I love it as is….I voted to keep it

    Posted 3.10.11
  7. Kathy wrote:

    Keep it you have grown so much. Great Job

    Posted 3.10.11
  8. jaime wrote:

    I come here just to read your personal blog, I like reading/ seeing what clothes you buy your kids but besides that I’m not much into the Fashion Finds, I liked those better when they were on INO.
    IMHO of course… good luck deciding!!

    Posted 3.10.11
  9. Kyle wrote:

    I like all the content that YOU personally wrote. I don’t like reviews from other people, or fashion finds that don’t have any text or things like that on this website. But anything that you put your personal touch on, whether it’s a recipe or a fashion haul video or whatever, that’s what I like.

    Posted 3.10.11
  10. Jo wrote:

    Leave it as it is!!! I think it is perfect this way. Because if I have plenty of spare time I will read all the posts, if not I just click on the personal posts and read them. I think that if you split you will lose readers because people don’t have time these days to read various different websites, they like an ‘all in one’. I used to read imnotobsessed but I don’t anymore, I just come to this one, but if all the celeb posts were on here I would still read them.
    Either way, I love what you do so whatever choice you make, we will support you 🙂

    Posted 3.10.11
  11. Lora wrote:

    It’s true that the fashion pieces don’t interest me as much, I do like having it all in one place. I voted to keep it as is.

    Posted 3.10.11
  12. Patty wrote:

    I agree! I love it just the way it is! 🙂

    Posted 3.10.11
  13. Jan wrote:

    Well if you are going to move it to INO that is one thing. if you are creating a whole new site for it then definitely no. There are too many sites to visit as it is and I like that I do this one in one sitting. Posts I dont like I dont click/view so they dont take any time out of my day.

    Posted 3.11.11

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