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Ever thought you could throw your nicer clothes in the wash or that your favorite items can get better with washing? I spent a delightful morning with P&G learning about their new global and national collaborations in relation to fabric care. I even had a high fashion fan moment when designers Giles Deacon and Tracy Reese (yes, that designer who Michelle Obama has fallen in love with) came on stage to talk about designing clothing that can be put in the wash. More importantly (or not), I left the event really wanting to do my laundry.

That never happens.

P&G knows that we love our clothing and that caring for them is the only way to prolong their life. P&G has created a personalized approach to your laundry with some heavy hitters in the fashion industry to bring it to life. They appointed GIles Deacon as their first ever Global Fashion Consultant. Giles took on the challenge of creating high-end clothing that could be washable in your home. Along with Tracy Reese, he is changing the face of washable clothing. P&G partnered with the CFDA & Premiere Vision to launch a re-education of sorts. This initiative seeks to make brands like Tide, Downy, Gain and Bounce more fashion-focused and “unlock the care-at-home aspect of fashion.”

pg6Premiere Vision

PV is the world’s premier fabric and textiles show and trends observer. Sabine Le Chatelier from PV told us about some innovative things that are happening in fabric. There’s more bonded fabric on the market. Think fabrics that are both smooth and rough, shiny and non-shiny. She even spoke about a technology that, when sprayed on, can make jeans more fitted or make a top sheer for nighttime.

Steven Kolb, the CEO of the CFDA note that people don’t want to throw their clothing away, even if it’s from a brand like H&M. He stressed the importance of teaching consumers how to care for their garments at home.
P&G spoke of the 3 Step approach to laundry:
Clean-the fibers need to be purified. 70% of dirt on clothing is actually invisible. Gross!
Protect-Fiber preservation and restoration (the absence of this causes pilling and fading)
Enhance-The fibers are conditioned and lubricated to give new life to your clothing
We had the opportunity to see some clothing washed with the new products and it was amazing.
For cleansing, we saw Tide Pods  a 3-in-1 laundry detergent. It cleans, fights stains and brightens. This is designed to be used in cold water. The Tide Plus collection also targets cleansing according to the garment. There is one designed for cold water, one for sport clothing, one with a bleach alternative (bleach pulls color out) and even one with Ultra Stain Release. The Ultra Stain Release one is designed with a customized brush at the top of the bottle.
For a great smell, Downy offers products with perfume designed to encapsulate the fibers of clothing so that, as the day and week goes on, the capsules burst and release more fresh scents.
And, you can have a say in Tracy Reese‘s next collection! Head to Tide’s Pinterest page (http://www.pinterest.com/tide) and repin your favorite Tracy Reese sketch using the hashtag #WashableFashion! The design with the most repins will be included in her next collection! The best part is that both looks are washable so you can have a chance to wear and wash some of the Tracy Reese goodness.
These new products are set to hit stores next year. I’ve never been this excited to shop for my laundry time. The idea of prolonging the life of my clothing at home makes it so much easier to shop for clothing.
To learn more about P&G products, click here.
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