The Perdue Farms Meat-Packing Foam Dissolves – An Eco-Friendly Solution

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that Perdue Farms has launched an online ordering service while enables customers to place delivery requests and have the requested goods sent directly to their homes. But did you know that the Salisbury company has also made strides in their packaging manufacturing as well?

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Perdue Farms’ Meat-Packing Foam Dissolves – An Eco-Friendly Solution

Saying goodbye to traditional meat containers and instead opting for environmentally friendly choices made of a mixture of cornstarch and foam insulation and disintegrates under running water was the first step in their sustainability plan.

No, really. I’ve tried it with the kids and it’s super fun to watch. The foam just dissolves right in your hand and heads down your drain. Yeow!

perdue farms eco packaging

The foam insulation still promises to safely insulate and secure the meats, poultry, and pork that customers can order through their online portal or pick up through their traditional grocery stores but doesn’t leave the carbon footprint that their competition leaves for years to come. I’d say that’s a wonderful step in the right direction for all consumable creators and shippers.

Hopefully, Perdue Farms will spearhead a much-needed change in the industry. Could this be the kick the overall market needs to finally get rid of styrofoam? Wouldn’t that be incredible?

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Online Vs. In Store Purchases

Full disclosure: Not all of their full Perdue line has switched over to the new packaging as of yet. Conventional meat products found within grocery stores are still wrapped in plastic and foam trays.

commitment to the environment

It is the organic product lines that are packaged in recyclable foam trays and are available in some locations as they work their way to roll out the new design. It will take some time to fully roll out the full initiative – but the program has started and it welcomed by their consumer base.

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A Donation For Every Order

But that’s not all you can expect from your Perdue Farms online delivery! There are more fun perks awaiting you such as a reusable shopping bag and a packet of seeds.

For each sale created through, the brand will also made a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. So, there is a lot of good happening within each delivery and it isn’t going to stop there!

This gesture is part of an overall commitment to a 30% reduction by 2022 in greenhouse gas emissions per pound of its product. Per POUND! That’s a lot of chicken! Big sustainability changes are on the way and I am so excited to see what else they have in store.

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