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Our Facebook Live With Kristen Bell About The #CleanPledge (Do It Today)

Our Facebook Live With Kristen Bell, Vera and Audrey

Full disclosure. Our whole set up was an epic fail this morning while gearing up to interview Kristen Bell. I had brought some tech equipment that was tried and tested and true and… it w-o-u-l-d-n-o-t-w-o-r-k. SO, we had to scramble for Plan B while setting up for our Facebook live and I was completely frazzled by the whole thing. You will actually see me STARING at the iPad because I was just so nervous that it was going to FALL. Talk about a makeshift tripod.

But you know who kept it together and who was offering up tips to help me simmer down? This girl –> Kristen Bell. Super sweet. Non-Stressed. Easy as pie. Once we started rolling, the chat proceeded.
#CleanPledge Twitter Party

Would love for you to watch the conversation because we touch on a great “click for a cause” movement spearheaded by Tide. The Clean Pledge has officially launched and you can take it RIGHT NOW BY CLICKING HERE. Kristen also opened up about the famous video she made with her husband, Dax, in Africa. And yes, I even asked her for advice on how to convince Bill to do a similar one with me! I LOVE THAT VIDEO! We rounded out our chat with a discussion about laundry habits at home and ways to get a little greener with the kids.


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So many incredible ideas, right? Kristen was so much fun! I LOVED all the advice she offered to help jump start living a more sustainable life. In fact, I was so inspired by this chat, that I did a little research and came up with a few more for you to take home:

How To Start Living A More Sustainable Life:

  1. Repurpose glass jars. Check Pinterest if you need inspiration.
  2. Plant a garden.
  3. Put on an extra layer of clothing instead of turning up the heat.
  4. Carpool to work.
  5. Turn off your devices at night – including your wifi.
  6. Think about second-hand hand purchases. Garage sale season is upon us!!
  7. Avoid plastic straws – consider purchasing a metal one.
  8. Don’t use plastic bags at stores. Bring your own reusable ones.
  9. Buy items in bulk – avoids packaging waste.
  10. Shorten your showers.
  11. Turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth.
  12. Use cold water when doing dishes and laundry.
  13. Take the pledge.
  14. Downsize – a smaller house / car needs less of everything to keep them going.
  15. Use rechargeable batteries.
  16. Stay away from bottled water.
  17. Say no to catalogs in the mail.
  18. Get serious about recycling.
  19. Enjoy what you have. Stop buying for the sake of having more.
  20. Think local.

Pretty simple, right? I stayed away from the ones that didn’t feel so entry level. Looking at this list, I’d say that it is entirely doable for ANYONE. Even me… which means even you. Let’s start today, friends. What do you say?

Our Facebook Live With Kristen Bell

And remember, when deciding on you laundry detergent, Tide purclean is made with 65% plant based material and doesn’t sacrifice any of the power cleaning that you know and love from Tide. Same great clean with a friendlier impact to our environment. Tide purclean is a formula made with 100% renewable wind power electricity* and is made at a site that has zero manufacturing waste to landfill. It is also formulated to be free of dyes, perfumes, chlorine and phosphates. Even the bottle is 100% recyclable.

*Proud member of the Tide Fabric Care Board

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