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One Year Ago Today We Were In Spain – So We Celebrated With Some Tapas

One Year Ago Today We Were In Spain - So We Celebrated With Some Tapas

Can you believe that one year ago today my family was walking around in Madrid celebrating my 40th birthday? Time flies when you are eating as much chorizo as one human can possibly consume in a 24-hour period.  Ahhh the memories. Good times. Good times.

Madrid Soccer Stadium Spain

I realized that this was the week because of Facebook. I logged into my account yesterday morning and I saw Liam standing in the Madrid soccer stadium.  We had just landed after an overnight flight and Bill had booked us straight away onto a tour. I mean the tour guide was literally waiting for us at the airport. Everyone was exhausted and running on fumes, but we had to pull it together because there was a 6-hour tour waiting for us. LOL! Not the best planning on our part, but we started the whole trip off with a bang. Look at my boy’s smile. He was in his glory! It was his favorite team.

Anyway, I told Bill that it was our Spain anniversary and that was all he needed to hear. He did a quick search and found a brand new restaurant that opened up near us (ok, sort of near us) and off we went. It was time to indulge in a little patatas bravas and jamon.

enjoying spanish tapas

I have to admit – I prefer to eat this way. Small plates that are shared. I am a buffet kind of girl, but I don’t particularly like buffets because nothing is every really fresh. I love fresh food – GOOD food – but I like to taste a little bit of everything. That’s why Spain was so appealing to me.  It was actually quite perfect. Every meal was simply delicious and exactly what I was looking for. I think I lived a past life in Spain… or maybe I will live a future one there? Who knows? 🙂

roasted peppers

The kids also end up having an easy time eating as well. And guess what? No gross chicken fingers or pasta with butter. YEAH!! No kids’ menu. PRAISE THE LORD! I literally hate the kids’ menu. It is the worst thing ever created. Children are stuck learning to eat the same 4 things over and over again. I know they will all grow out of it eventually, but those menus really do a disservice to families. We don’t know what our kids are capable of unless we allow them to try.

shrimp in garlic and oil - spanish tapas

Sorry for the little Instagram Story hashtag up there, but I really wasn’t taking pictures for the blog while we were eating. I was sort of enjoying it all and not thinking about the next day.  All my children love shrimp – so tapas make feeding them easy.

Churros with chocolate dipping sauce

And then we wrapped the day with some churros. I mean… who can say no to churros? YUM and YUM.

It made me really miss Spain. I usually don’t like revisiting countries. I feel like there are so many beautiful places out there in the world that I have yet to see – why repeat until you’ve hit them all at least once? Right? But with Spain… I have a different feeling. To be honest with you, I also feel the same way about Ireland. I want to take the kids to Ireland because they have Irish blood in them and I feel like that’s very important to do. You have to know where you come from. I’ve already taken them to Malta and Italy. Now, they have to understand their father’s side.

If you’ve been considering a trip to Spain, check out this post I wrote highlighting some of the things we did while there with our kids.

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