One Shirt – Three Outfits: Making The Most Of Your Wardrobe

I decided to do a few more looks based off of a shirt that most of us probably own. I’m not saying we all own this particular striped shirt – but we all have some version of it.

Here are three different ways you can incorporate it into your wardrobe:

Look 1: Pair it with cotton trousers. This look is casual but is very put together. I would wear flats with this look.

Look 2: Pair it with skinny jeans and knee high boots. Heeled or not – this is a great look (and one I wear practically every day). Add an over-sized sweater if you are uncomfortable with having your rear exposed. 🙂

Like one of these.

Look 3: With a Ruched-Sleeve Blazer and skirt.

You can really mix and match any of these pieces. Blazer with trousers. Skirt with over-sized sweater. The point is to have items that you can use over and over again while making entirely new looks.

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