Never Watch The ‘Long Island Medium’ During A Meal

You know how much I love Teresa Caputo – the Long Island Medium. I had the chance to attend one of her readings earlier this year – click here in case you missed it. Needless to say, I DVR her shows.

A few minutes ago, I sat down on my couch after wrapping this morning’s shift to eat lunch. I put on Teresa’s show and began to eat my orzo, broccoli and feta combo. As I was enjoying listening to her sessions, I OF COURSE began to cry.

Now, I’m eating and crying and my lunch suddenly gets jammed in my throat. I’m practically convulsing so I can’t swallow my bite full. It was… entertaining to say the least.  I actually had to pause the show, calm down and then swallow my MEAL.

So, note to self – don’t eat while watching ‘The Long Island Medium’. LOL! Does she have the same impact on you!?


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  1. Sherry wrote:

    I saw her at LAX yesterday but didn’t realize it at first. Some of them women on my flight were FREAKING about it. LOL

    I’m very glad you didn’t choke to death on us! No more multitasking! 😉

    Posted 4.25.12
  2. Alexandra wrote:

    she does! I watch her show all the time, and let me tell you – I am THE FURTHEST thing from an emotional person.
    I barely ever get choked up, but seeing her read people, and the emotions it brings, just seem to do it for me.

    Posted 4.25.12
  3. Lisa wrote:

    Haven’t seen her show. I guess I have to see it now! And be careful eating!

    Posted 4.25.12
  4. Rebecca Niehaus wrote:

    Yes, she makes me very emotional as well. I dvr her shows too! She is beyond awesome! I would absolutely love to have a reading from her! Unfortunately, there is a 2 year waiting list 🙁
    Maybe you should only eat things like yogurt, that don’t require much chewing when watching Teresa 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you were able to finish your lunch safely.

    Posted 4.27.12
  5. I LOVE Long Island Medium. I also love comedy. I found this spoof of the show with Brit Morgan (plays Debbie Pelt on True Blood). HI-larious:

    Posted 6.15.12

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