Natalie’s First Written Song

Last night, I came home with a smashing migraine. SMASHING. I don’t know what it is about me and driving to NYC but it always rocks my world (in a bad way). I had about 40 minutes before a scheduled Twitter party and I needed to relax in a dark room for a while until the meds kicked in.

As I was laying on my bed, my daughter came in with a piece of paper and a pen and asked if I could write down the words she was going to sing. Of course I did as she requested because I was so curious to see where she was going with it all.

Well, in the dark, I scribbled away while my daughter sang her little heart out. Here are the lyrics:

If only I could see the Statue of Liberty

from above with the mountains

You could see – you could only be my wife

and you could only be my husband

If only I could the world above

to find my love

We could see the ghosts flying through paper

You could be my heart

If only you could see a heart above

I could be part of your world

And you could see my heart from above

You could just be

I only want to see my heart and the Statue of Liberty

I love my little lady. 🙂

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