My Three Week Trial Of Sweepstaking Is Over: Here Are The Results


If there is something you must know about me it’s that I can become very obsessed with something, someone, somewhere… very easily. Once my brain hones in on something, it’s VERY HARD to let it go until I do what I have to do.

I’m surprised I’m not a serial killer actually.

A few weeks ago, I watched a show all about people who Sweepstakes FULL TIME and who win BIG. I’m talking cars, HUGE cash prizes, trips. Everything! I decided to start up a new Facebook profile and email address and give it a go since I was on bed rest.

Did you notice I said WAS? Tonight I am officially RELEASED. More on that in a minute!!

Anyway, I’d say that I spent about an hour a day sweepstaking. I couldn’t do it more than that because I was only doing online sweeps and didn’t have many resources. These are the three sites I used:



Full Disclosure! I only entered BIG contests or really easy contests. I didn’t enter any BLOGGER contests either. Just the main brands with the HUGE prizes. My odds were not so hot doing this – but I was still hopeful.

The results? I won a free ring tone and a coupon for Old Orchard juice. Anti-climatic isn’t it? BUT it’s not really over. All the contests I entered haven’t technically ended yet. There’s still a chance one might come through. Of course I’m being super optimistic but HEY… YOU NEVER KNOW.

Professional sweepstakers would probably laugh at this point. I don’t know what I thought was going to happen in 3 weeks. Well, I thought I would win a boat… but we won’t go there. LOL!

In the end, I will probably continue to lightly (a few times a week) enter sweepstakes. It doesn’t take that much effort and I work from home. It wasn’t totally annoying. It was fun. I like to gamble. I guess it’s a cheap way to do that.

So, I’m not a winner per SAY. But that still might all change.


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  1. Jenny wrote:

    I do this too. I had a really good run last spring-even won a spa day! Sadly no million dollar prizes yet.

    Posted 1.24.13
  2. Julie D wrote:

    I have been doing this for about 2 years. Last year I won over 20K worth of prizes including 6,000 in cash. As a stay at home mom it pays for all our extras and I feel like I contribute to the family. I also get to be with my kids and hit the gym 2 hours a day. It works for us!

    Posted 1.24.13
    • Vera wrote:


      Posted 1.24.13
  3. Liza Glick wrote:

    Your best bet is to enter local giveaways. Much smaller group of people entering aka better chances of winning.

    Posted 1.24.13
  4. Sherry wrote:

    Well, now you can kick up your feet, listen to your new ringtone and drink your juice. Make Bill call your phone over and over so you can hear it.


    Posted 1.24.13
  5. Gigi wrote:

    The last couple of months, I won quite a bit, but this month I’ve wom just three little things so far – but that’s how it goes!! You never know, you might just win something from one of the sweeps you’ve entered and it will just shows up on your door!!

    I also agree that local contests are great – The Village Voice online has great ones, as does the City Paper, and don’t forget to check local radio and tv stations sites too!

    Posted 1.25.13
  6. Karen G wrote:

    Congrats on the juice, Vera! And don’t give up. My first win was a coupon for free deodorant. 😉

    Posted 1.26.13
  7. DAN VERMEULEN wrote:

    Funny i would come across this article now.I left my job of 15 years and have been off a couple of months,I found a job and will be starting back next month, but i have been sweepstaking about two months now about 4 hours a day.The first few weeks were quiet, like you said a lot of the contests i entered have not ended yet.Last week was the first i heard about any of my entries.On Tuesday last week i was told by the “Meet Katie Perry sweepstakes” that i had won a month’s supply of Popchips.Last Thursday i got an e-mail stating i won a contest thru Fearnet that was worth $1,000.The big prize was a Sony 40″ tv and a home theatre system.Also, hats, mugs and small assorted swag adverising the tv station.Point is, 3 weeks is too short a time for your experiment.If you have the time, enter as many as you can, including blogs.I know this will be harder next month when i get back to work, but i intend to keep doing it part time.Good luck.

    Posted 3.1.13

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