My One Pregnancy Craving: I’m Going To Gain 100 Pounds

I don’t eat eggs plain. I stopped a few years back after reading some vegan book. Honestly, don’t want to get into the story – but it is what it is. I’ve brought back every other dairy into my life. But not eggs.

For some reason I’ve been CRAVING the taste of a bacon, egg and cheese on a roll. I figured out that if I order a “grilled cheese with crispy bacon on a roll” it legitimately hits the spot. I think I eat one of these a DAY. It’s so bad but oh so good. Bill just brought one home for me. I am IN MY GLORY. He even ordered one for himself because I made him taste it yesterday and he fell in LOVE.

Out of all the things I could crave…. Why couldn’t I be the girl who craved broccoli?? Damn you bacon. Damn you…

But seriously — TRY THIS! I’ve ordered it “bacon and cheese on a roll” and they don’t melt the cheese. So you have to order it by saying “grilled cheese with bacon on a roll” to truly appreciate all of its wonders.

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  1. From a concerned Nutritionist wrote:

    You could easily cut out 250-350 calories by making a healthier for you and the baby option at home.

    -Whole grain “flat” bun – usually half to 2/3 less cals then a regular whit bun and they are really tasty.
    -Turkey NITRITE FREE( nitrites are a carcinogen and a horrible thing to be giving to the little life growing inside of you.)bacon, then wipe the extra fat off, or use veggie bacon.
    – Low – fat REAL cheese instead of that processed crap.
    -Poach or fry the egg in just a lightly EVOO greased pan.

    Sure it might not be as quick and easy, but think of the carcinogen’s and all that saturated fat and unhealthy chemicals that both you and your baby do not need. This would be a healthy and tasty way to satisfy your craving 🙂

    Posted 9.16.12
  2. Tahesha wrote:

    Ahhh this brings back memories. When I was pregnant last year I ate a lot of these sandwiches until the dr. said your pressure is high and put me on a modified diet 🙁 I agree with the nutritionist above about how you can cut calories and make it a healthier sandwich. Lol at crave broccoli 🙂

    Posted 9.19.12
  3. Katie wrote:

    Love the craving! I am almost two months pregnant and absolutely crave ramen-you would think I’m back in college. I don’t think it’s wrong to eat something unhealthy you crave as long as you get in your healthy food with vitamins and protein. Enjoy your sandwiches:)

    Posted 10.6.12

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