My Husband Bought Me Diamond Earrings And I Made Him Return Them

My husband bought me diamond earrings and I made him return them. Yes – you read that correctly. For my birthday, I told my husband I wanted a Nook Color and what I got, instead, was something entirely different. 

My anniversary – which is 7 days after my birthday- was coming up fast and I couldn’t think of anything I wanted so I told him to forget getting me a present this year.

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I have three press trips coming up and Bill is going to join me on one to San Diego in a few weeks. I told him THAT would be my anniversary present since we have to pay for his ticket. He agreed and life went on.

My Husband Bought Me Diamond Earrings And I Made Him Return Them

However, when my anniversary rolled around the boy whipped out a pair of diamond earrings.  A few years ago I mentioned to him that I wish I had studs to wear and he thought this would be the year to get them for me.

I took one look at them and told him to return them immediately. I am so not into jewelry. I don’t NEED real diamonds – not one of those girls. Would much rather get a pair of CZs and go on vacation!!

Bill was SHOCKED that I didn’t want them, but I can’t justify spending 4 figures on a piece of jewelry. I mean that is FREAKING INSANE!!! And it’s not even our 25th anniversary or something – it was just 9 years.

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Am I crazy? Do you think it’s worth it to spend all that money on diamond studs when the fake stuff looks just as good as the real stuff? Would you rather a piece of jewelry or a vacation?

I also want to mention that I am allergic to earrings. I can’t wear them – I’ve tried every variation of gold and platinum. Puss is involved – it’s gross. (Sorry for being so visual – but I want you to know the full story). So even if I kept the earrings I would hardly ever wear them because of my allergy.

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  1. Eureka M wrote:

    Great job! I would rather the vacation the memories will last a lifetime. You did what you felt was right.

    Posted 11.22.10
  2. Carol wrote:

    Oh totally! For our engagement, my husband took me into to Tiffany’s to pick a ring. Sounds like a drea, doesn’t it? Except I stood there and looked at the prices and wanted to die. A woman next to me was standing there with what I imagine was her guy and the clerk kept bringing her rings, each diamond larger then the next. “No, bigger.” ” No, not big enough, and rounder.”

    I started to cry and we had to leave. But I cried at the fact that it was too much. Too insane. Too ridiculous…and didn’t want to be anything like that woman next to me.

    I didn’t want a ring, but he eventually got me the perfect ring for TONS less at the Diamond district!

    But yeah, a vacation over earrings ANY TIME!

    (Happy Anniversary!!)

    Posted 11.22.10
  3. Dottie wrote:

    Beautiful earrings….Way to go Bill! If memory serves correctly you wrote about the gift thing and ur gift to each other was him going away with you…Nothing wrong with a good hubby wanting to buy you something anyway…..As for the Allergy..I AM HIGHLY allergic to earrings as well…..I coat them in clear nail polish and have NO TROUBLE at all…I dont wear them everyday but when I do it solves the problem for me…..GET the earrings back lol just kidding….

    Posted 11.22.10
  4. Sarah wrote:

    I’m with you – I’d way rather have an experience, like a vacation, than jewelry!!

    Posted 11.22.10
  5. alagirl wrote:

    I am the same way-not a jewelry person- I don’t see the sense in paying a ridiculous amount for a ring, earrings or anything-it is the thought and symbolism that counts. So I completely understand and don’t think you are crazy at all. I would rather vacation or something like that also.

    Posted 11.22.10
  6. Liz wrote:

    I’m not a jewelry person, but I do hope you told him thank you and how fabulous they were first. I have to wear nickel-free. My white gold and platinum ones bother me, so I wonder if there’s still nickel in them.

    Posted 11.22.10
  7. Melissa wrote:

    I’m with you! I’m not a jewelry person at all! I would much rather go on vacation!

    Posted 11.22.10
  8. lizzys wrote:

    you can buy your own earrings:)

    Posted 11.22.10
  9. lizzys wrote:

    you can always buy your own earrings:)

    Posted 11.22.10
  10. Lenny wrote:

    My husband wanted to buy me a very expensive designer purse in Paris and I told him no.. Am I crazy? I don’t care if I am, it’s too much money and it’s ridiculous.. buy me a trip and let’s go together!

    Posted 11.22.10
  11. corrin wrote:

    My diamond earrings aren’t worth anywhere near four figures, but I’ve worn them every day for over five years, so they were definitely a gift that was worth the money.

    Posted 11.22.10
  12. Sherry wrote:

    I’m all about experiences over “material things”. I think you made a good choice. Tell him he gets major points for being so thoughtful and generous, though. 🙂

    Posted 11.22.10
  13. Diana wrote:

    In my opinion you should have said, “you shouldn’t have,” but taken them anyway. He probably got them with much enthusiasm and probably felt hurt with you turning them down. If you want a vacation then just get a vacation for both of you next time as a gift coming from you…:)

    Posted 10.26.11
  14. ALTAF wrote:


    Posted 10.30.11
  15. So sorry I put up with his shit wrote:

    You are fucking nuts, lady. Try getting NOTHING for your birthday, Valentines Day or anniversary and see if you still think diamond earrings are a waste. How about a romantic gift card to the AT&T store, where I never shop anyway because anything they have, I can find cheaper somewhere else.

    Posted 12.25.11
  16. Wow! wrote:

    Wow. You are crazy. My husband never buys me anything even after I have repeatedly told him that it would mean a lot to me if he bought me something. He didn’t buy me anything for Valentine’s Day, Christmas or our anniversary. He bought me a cheap pair of earrings on my birthday only because I complained about not getting a gift on the other days. You should have just taken them, said thank you and been grateful that he listened to what you said and got you such a nice gift.

    Posted 1.30.12

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