My First Cruise! Out At Sea With Friends (VIDEO)

A bunch on my friends booked a “cruise to nowhere” and I couldn’t pass the opportunity up! I have ALWAYS wanted to try out cruising and I thought one night would be a great test run. There are A TON of pictures in the video – so forgive me in advance!!

We took the Norwegian Jewel, which was a nice boat, but they needed some SERIOUS organizational tips. The port check-in was bananas. We waited on line for like 2 hours while HUNDREDS of people cut right in front of us. The crew members were all screaming, the guests were on edge. It was such a HORRIBLE way to start a trip. I was SO STRESSED out by the time I got on the boat. I snapped a little video of what the line looked like. Mind you – two ships were checking in. One that was running for 10 days and one that was running for 18 hours. You’d THINK Norwegian would have provided a courtesy line to those customers who had less than 24 hours to enjoy the amenities… but that would have been too easy. Instead, my group of friends and I were shoved and yelled at until we made it through security. Un-REAL.

BUT once we got into the boat and ate, things began to slow down a bit. It was just so upsetting that 2 out of the 18 hours I had on the cruise was so INTENSE. It’s a good thing my group decided to make it an all nighter. ┬áToday, I’m most definitely suffering though because of it. Bar hopping until the wee hours of the morning is just not part of my agenda as of late. Who am I kidding?! I haven’t had a night like that since I was in college!!! So fun!

Tomorrow I head out to Utah (which is today considering I wrote this post Sunday night). Content is going to be light tomorrow – but I will make sure to do enough for Tuesday and Wednesday to keep this ball rolling!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! My husband has never been on a cruise and a one-nighter would be a great way to get him hooked!

    Posted 1.24.11
  2. Cassie wrote:

    Vera, coming from a travel agent’s perspective, check ins are never easy. But I agree there does need to be some sort of organization, and priority. It’s a very archaic system. Did you find things any more organized once you got on the ship?

    Posted 1.24.11
  3. NYCPatty wrote:

    It looks like so much fun! I love your outfits!

    Gosh that check in line is nuts! Would love to try it in the Spring.

    Posted 1.24.11
  4. Leslie wrote:

    So…how did you hold up w/your vertigo?

    Posted 1.24.11
  5. So sorry it started off stinky but I am glad you had to friends to be with the entire time XO

    Posted 1.25.11

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