My Dirty Little Shopping Secret VIDEO

This was a funny video to do because my husband was filming it and I usually don’t TALK about this addiction in front of him. It’s a bit too much too handle for my poor boy. But it’s the truth and I don’t think I will ever change.

Hey! I make it up in other areas! I coupon all our food, beauty and household products! We can’t forget that. LOL

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  1. Sherry wrote:

    I think you definitely deserve it after all the CVS’ing you do. 🙂 And wow on how well you take care of them! I’m terrible about buying just a few pairs of (cheap) whatevers for the season and then wearing them til they fall apart. :bagoverhead I’m the same way with purses/bags. I’m getting SO MUCH better, though!

    I have really become so much more aware of fashion and trends, etc. – much of it I owe to you.

    Posted 3.28.12

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