My Daughter Went To A Julianne Moore Book Signing

My daughter’s class took a class trip to Barnes and Noble to hear the lovely Julianne Moore read excerpts from ‘Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever’. This is Julianne’s second book from the series.

My husband went along and took a few pictures of the event. The actress was personable, kind, and very generous with her attention to the class.

This wasn’t a private event. In fact, the store was filled with fans hoping to get their books personally signed by Miss Moore. Luckily, she posed for a class pic!

I know these last two pictures are totally creepy but I want to respect the privacy of all the kids in Natalie’s class. So – forgive the repetition here. 🙂 LOL!!!

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  1. Lea Ann wrote:

    LOL I love the last pic! I was like what is she doing hahahaha

    Posted 10.13.11
  2. gee wrote:

    LOL OMG that censoring! hahahaha love it!

    Posted 10.13.11

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