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Meet Ibi: Easily Share Photos With Your Inner Circle #meetibi #kvibi

I can’t wait to introduce you to ibi! We spend so much time nowadays recording moments spent with our families. But it’s not only about documenting these precious seconds, it’s about sharing them as well.

Meet Ibi: Easily Share Photos With Your Inner Circle

My husband and I have been looking for a great photo sharing too that would be easy to use and accessible for everyone in our inner circle and we finally found something that works – ibi! 

I know you are in the same boat as I am. What good is having 4,000 photos on your phone if no-one sees them? Sounds familiar, right? 

Meet Ibi: Easily Share Photos With Your Inner Circle

ibi share photos with inner circle

I’ve found an easy solution called ibi. It’s a smart photo manager and it gives everyone I love access to all my photos and videos seamlessly. 

Collect, organize and privately share all your memories with your inner circle, too. Share individual photos or entire albums securely & privately. It’s all up to you! 

With ibi, I can organize and protect all of my cherished memories in one place and I can share those wonderful moments with whoever I choose. Grandma, grandpa, my kids, my BFF, or the girls on the soccer field – it just takes a few clicks to create a new circle. 

And don’t worry! Your parents and grandparents don’t have to have an ibi to access your files! They just need to download the ibi app.

Nice and simple. If they’d like, they can also share photos with you as well. So, it’s a great way for everyone in your personal circle to swap favorites! I love that!

Think about all the possibilities. Have a wedding? Or a baby shower?

Have all your guests privately share their photos with one another. Hosting a Father’s Day brunch? Give the ibi to dad and then give everyone access to share. Memories to last a lifetime.

This is a sponsored post. 

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