Mac And Cheese From Kraft That Had My Kids Begging For More

Kraft basket photo

Kraft sent me a little package this week to try out some of their new product line.

I wish I took a picture of the mac and cheese after I made it. It looked like it came from a restaurant! Breadcrumb toppings?! What? The kids went nuts over the new taste. If you want something in your pantry for those nights where you need to whip up a tasty quick treat… consider this buy.

Also wanted to talk about the Kool Aid Fizz drops. I have one every night after the kids go to bed. I can’t have any caffeine after a certain hour (yes, I’m getting old) and for 5 calories a pop, this is a great solution! You are supposed to use 8 oz of water, but I end up doubling it to 16.

The crackers came and went – literally. My in laws loved them so much that they swiped the box! LOL. I didn’t even have a chance to taste them, so I can’t really comment on the flavor.  Hey -just being honest.

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  1. Hunter-and-Jade-Blog-For-Kids wrote:

    Thanks for sharing about the new mac and cheese. My daughter would eat macaroni every day for every meal if she could. Looking forward to trying it.

    Posted 6.4.10

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