Loving Puddletons Packable Rainboots For Kids (PLUS GIVEAWAY)

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I’ve had these boots for WEEKS and have been waiting for a good rain storm so I could take photos! This morning, when we woke up, I saw that it was raining and I was so excited! FINALLY, we can do this review!!!  I wanted to test out the Puddletons Packable Rainboots  on Natalie to see how they would react against some water and how she would feel running around in our backyard. She loved them and of course they kept her dry.

Puddletons Packable Rainboots is a unique new rainboot collection that are 100% waterproof from top to toe.  The boots, designed with bright, pop colors and prints, can be easily tucked into any travel bag or for a rainy commute to work. These roll-up rainboots come in their own travel bag and fold up for easy storage.
PERFECT for school days! Think about it – all you have to do is roll up the rainboots, throw them in a plastic bag and then into your child’s schoolbag. They roll up small. You can see me manipulate them HERE on my YouTube video!!

uddletons Packable Rainboots

Great news! I have a giveaway for you today. I have a pair of the above FLORAL rainboots to give away to one lucky reader. This is from the woman’s collection. Please use the form below to enter. Good luck!

Pair Of Puddletons Packable Rainboots For Women

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  1. James Robert wrote:

    My daughter would be wearing these

    Posted 8.2.14
  2. Patty McCabe wrote:

    Do they have socks/liner built right in?! Love them but would have to fight my daughter for them.

    Posted 8.2.14
  3. amy tolley wrote:

    these are great boots id give them to my grandson thanks for this chance

    Posted 8.2.14
  4. Jenny Q. wrote:

    My daughter would love these!

    Posted 8.2.14
  5. Ashley C wrote:

    I’d gift these to my daughter


    Posted 8.2.14
  6. Christie L wrote:

    My daughter would love them!

    Posted 8.2.14
  7. Brandy Monday wrote:

    these are so cute!

    Posted 8.2.14
  8. Jennifer L wrote:

    These look great! I love the idea of packable rainboots. 🙂

    Posted 8.3.14
  9. Hanadia Roby wrote:

    My 4 year old daughter or even myself!

    Posted 8.3.14
  10. Monica Lavoie wrote:

    My daughter.


    Posted 8.3.14
  11. Sara B wrote:

    I will wear them :0)

    Posted 8.3.14
  12. my daughter

    Posted 8.3.14
  13. Darlene Carbajal wrote:

    my cousin would wear them. 🙂

    Posted 8.3.14
  14. Janie P. wrote:

    My granddaughter would loves these, she loves playing in the rain.

    Posted 8.3.14
  15. Rosanne wrote:

    My granddaughter would wear the rain boots

    Posted 8.3.14
  16. Lindsey wrote:

    I’d keep them and wear them myself!

    Posted 8.4.14
  17. Tari Lawson wrote:

    I would wear them.

    Posted 8.4.14
  18. Michelle Weaver wrote:

    The little girl I nanny for would wear these!

    Posted 8.4.14
  19. Jennifer Heintz wrote:

    At first I thought the boots were a bit silly, but after scrolling through the review got used to pink. They are definitely cool boots and even I would be happy to wear them!

    Posted 8.4.14
  20. Michelle C wrote:

    I would love to wear these myself! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

    Posted 8.4.14
  21. val wrote:

    wow! This is neat. Val

    Posted 8.4.14
  22. Sarah Ochocki wrote:

    These rainboots would be for me!

    Posted 8.4.14
  23. Courtney P wrote:

    We would wear these outside to jump in puddles!

    Posted 8.5.14
  24. Allie wrote:

    I would give them to my child

    Posted 8.5.14
  25. Colleen Maurina wrote:

    I would wear them! Very clever idea!

    Posted 8.6.14
  26. Kim Keithline wrote:

    My daughter would wear these boots

    Posted 8.6.14
  27. Leela wrote:

    My daughter would.

    Posted 8.6.14
  28. Audrey G. wrote:

    My daughter would wear them. 🙂

    Posted 8.7.14
  29. Sarah Cool wrote:

    My niece would love these

    Posted 8.7.14
  30. Cheryl wrote:

    A dear little friend of mine.

    Posted 8.7.14
  31. Nancy wrote:

    I’d give these to our daughter if I won.

    Posted 8.7.14
  32. Jill Myrick wrote:

    I would love to be the one wearing these rain boots.


    Posted 8.7.14
  33. Madeline wrote:

    Luckily my daughter and I have the same size feet so we’d share these.

    Posted 8.8.14
  34. sarah tennyson wrote:

    i would love them for me and my boys

    Posted 8.8.14
  35. Lesley F wrote:

    I would love to wear them

    Posted 8.8.14
  36. Angela P. wrote:

    These are adorable. I’d love to get a pair for my daughter for school.

    Posted 8.9.14
  37. Michelle Brooks wrote:

    I’d turn heads at work with these!

    Posted 8.9.14

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