Life Lessons Learned And How Bath Time Can Mean #SoMuchMore

Johnson's and Johnson's So Much More
Last week, I had the chance to attend JOHNSON’S(R) Global Baby Bath Time panel hosted by Lisa Ling. Boy, did that entire afternoon hit me so hard. I was going through a pretty rough week at home and I really feel that I was MEANT to sit through that conversation at that very moment.

Everything has changed since then. And I really mean it. We have made a deliberate shift — and Bill and I started with Caleb’s bath. But let me not get ahead of myself just YET! Let’s back it up for a second.

Johnson's and Johnson's So Much More

Johnson's and Johnson's So Much More

Lisa Ling hosted a panel of experts and talked about the importance of touch for a baby. I could recap the entire event, but this infograph pretty much sums it up. Besides, I have so much more to say. See below and then catch up with me in a bit.



Do you know what I used to do while Caleb was in a bath? I used to check my email. I used to play a Facebook game. I used to spend a few minutes on Instagram. I used to work.

I used to do anything but participate in the bath. My poor son would sit there by himself with an empty bottle of shampoo and entertain himself until I was ready to end it all.

As the panel kept walking through all the things that parents could be doing with their children during bath time, it took everything inside of me to NOT CRY. I was sitting front row too!! I HATE sitting in the front row because of THIS REASON – sometimes the information is so powerful that it just hits me too hard. And in this instance, it did. I wasn’t doing it right as a mom. Three children worth of mistakes mind you!


I swore right then and there that everything would change. I would go home and never again NOT be present during bath time. I would engage with my babies. I would make it a time of learning and activity.

Johnson's and Johnson's So Much More

And that’s exactly what I did. I literally ran home and threw Caleb is a bubble bath. I grabbed a ton of toys from around the house and we had the best time.

Johnson's and Johnson's So Much More

Johnson’s and Johnson’s taught me something about being a mom. And I am forever changed because of it. Truly! 

Johnson's and Johnson's So Much MoreI had such a fun time with friends. The products – of course – are amazing. But the takeaways are what I will hold close to my heart for the rest of my life. And I know my children would thank this team if they could. 🙂


Johnson's and Johnson's So Much More

Also – as a special bonus – Audrey and I were able to do our Digital Dish at the event and guess who sat down with us for a little chat?! Lisa Ling!! Totally exciting!!

Here’s the video if you’d like to take a listen.

How do you handle bath time? Are you engaging with your children? Or are you checking emails and in another world? If it’s the latter, take Johnson’s advice to become present. Teach the ABC’s. Start counting. Blow some bubbles. The possibilities are endless when it’s just you and your baby!

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