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Life Just Got Better With The Launch Of Dry Spray Antiperspirants #TryDry


I’m sure you can relate, you know those mornings where you rush to get ready, rub on some deodorant and then pull your shirt (or even worse that black dress) over your head and you end of up with white, creamy smears down the sides. Or how about those warm days, where you are wearing that stunning, strapless dress and you got to raise your arms only to find those little, white pills of deodorant gathered in the creases. Really not so sexy, right?

Although we don’t really give it much thought when we put it on, deodorant is one of the most important personal care products that people put on to start their day and yet there hasn’t been any new innovations in nearly two decades.  During a preview event at ESPACE in midtown Manhattan, Matthew McCarthy (Senior marketing director of Unilever) introduced a new transformative line of antiperspirant products unlike anything else on the market. Globally, sprays are the most popular antiperspirant and deodorant and the crowd that attended was definitely excited to #TryDry products for the first time.

Unilever’s  new dry sprays  provide 48 hours of odor and wetness protection and go on instantly dry unlike many of the products that are currently on store shelves. The new launch will feature 24 varieties across 5 brands (Degree Women, Degree Men, Dove, Dove Men+Care and AXE) smell really amazing and offer unique benefits:

  • Degree Women and Degree Men: have motionsense technology that respond directly to body movement, releasing extra protection during physical activity.
  • Dove and Dove + Men Care: feature non-irritant formulas with 1/4 moisturizer technology for softer, smoother underarms.
  • AXE: features premium, unique fragrances that help guys feel confidently fresh throughout the day.picstitch (1)

(pictured above – Phillip Bloch)

The event, was definitely not your typical presentation, it was actually a lot of fun and Unilever made sure that everyone had the chance to #TryDry products while mingling. The in house DJ played some great mixes and guests were able to customize their own playlist that they could dance to and work up a sweat. If you weren’t indulging in the yummy lite bites, or chatting it up, then you were probably enjoying a round of virtual golf and some free throw basketball games, which were definitely unexpectedly cool ways to enjoy an impromptu date night with my hubby (pictured above trying out a #Trydry antiperspirant).

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 11.06.51 AM

At the end of the evening guests received samples of the Unilever dry spray antiperspirants and deodorants to try at home and although we were already big fans of Dove and Degree I think they’ve solidified that they will be our household favorites forever because this new line is just awesome. We’ve been using the dry sprays for a few days now and I love that there’s really no mess, they smell freaking amazing,  really do keep you dry and odor free for two days and are extremely easy to use: Just shake, hold 6 inches away and spray.

On Dec 1st, also known as Cyber Monday the #TryDry products will be available at retailers nationwide, so be sure to try it out for yourselves, you will love it!

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