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Let’s Talk About Surviving The Apocalypse… No Really

This is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog – however it’s also my personal blog. So while this really doesn’t make much sense for ‘Lady and the Blog’, I cannot help myself and write about Surviving the Apocalypse!!

I am a SUCKER for any Apocalypse / End of the World type shows. You know, the ones created to scare the living daylights out of you.

  • What if zombies attack
  • What is aliens invade Earth: How to Survive
  • What if WWIII wipes us all out
  • What if a virus mutates and kills all our children
  • What is the sun explodes
  • What if a meteor hits the earth

You get my point. I watch them all. Every single one of them. I DVR them and force my husband to watch too so he’ll know what I know.

Last night, I watched ‘Apocalypse’ on the History channel and it was probably the scariest one yet because it was SO REAL. Basically, an infection began to spread through Asia. It starts out as a type of influenza that people don’t take seriously. However, the death toll starts climbing and by the time the government realizes what’s going on it’s too late. It’s too wide spread. People are dying everywhere. There’s no way to control it. People in the States go about their days without worry because Asia is so far away, right?

Well, that would be correct if it was 200 years ago. But since we live in such a globally connected world – the infection would take a matter of weeks to arrive and devastate the planet. It’s been 100 years since a break out like this. Scientist say we are due…

The show gave a chronological timeline of what would happen.

  • In two days, all stores would be wiped out
  • People will begin to live focusing on the most basic of needs meaning we all become very animalistic
  • Gangs would take over (since they have the weapons)
  • Dead bodies everywhere
  • 1 month in – Communication would stop
  • 2 months in – Water / Electricity would stop
  • etc. etc.

Everything was slow – gradual. People went 10-12 weeks before really getting affected. Once the electricity went out, that’s when sh** hit the fan.

Anyway, there were a few tips that I have to share. I know it’s crazy that I’m writing this – but anything can happen. I’m not saying a world wide virus is going to spread and kill us all. But this same plan can be used for national disasters (think Hurricane Katrina). They referenced that hurricane multiple times during the show because it was really the same scenario just on a much smaller scale.

Some Things To Consider While Planning For The Apocalypse:

  • Buy at least a 3 month water supply for your entire family. Don’t wait until the very end to go out and buy it either. Go and get it now. Water doesn’t go bad. Keep a stock in your basement and thank me later.
  • Buy at least 3 months of food for your entire family. Here’s the kicker. You can’t expect to have a working stove for the entire time. So, consider something with a very long shelf life that doesn’t require heating up. It wont be good – but it will keep you alive. Think peanut butter too – high carb / fat.
  • Stock up on batteries – lots and lots of batteries. Your electricity is going. That is a definite. Eventually, people won’t be able to man those stations. Everything will crumble in time.  Consider candles too. Stock up!
  • Buy a half dozen lanterns that take batteries – think camping supplies. Get enough to light a room at least.
  • Consider making a “Go Bag”

What’s In My “Go Bag”?

This is the the bag that you grab in an emergency. Someone is coming and you have to get your family out safely – NOW. Have one “Go Bag” for each family member.

  • 6 or 7 water bottles
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Some sort of light poncho for when it rains
  • Packages of food – think trail mix, hiking bars etc
  • Something personal like a family picture that you can look out when times are rough. To remind you that it will be ok.
  • Flashlight / lantern
  • Batteries
  • A blanket / gloves / hat
  • Be sure to grab your passports too – or some form of identification. The hope is eventually things might get better. Bank numbers too.
  • A weapon (yeah, I said it)

Everyone has to do their part. Your kids will have a lighter bag than you – yes. BUT they need to help out too. Make “Go Bags” for them as well. In their bag, have one toy or item that they are connected to (blanket, stuffed animal etc).

I’m a Doctor! Should I Help Everyone?

  • Don’t expect anyone to help you and truth be told there is only so much you can do for others. Doctors / Nurses / Medics etc. are advised to HIDE their skills because if the wrong people got wind of their talent, there could be a bounty placed on their head. Imagine being forced to help a gang leader’s wife whose infected… and then you get infected. Stay low. Make little to no contact with anyone. Listen to this Apocalypse tip because it will keep you alive.

How Long Should You Stay In Your Safe House ?

  • You stay as long as it’s still safe and as long as you still have an ample supply of food and water.
  • To survive you need to wait out the initial few months where people are going crazy and dying off from infection. Eventually the infection will burn out. You have to lay LOW. Try to have no contact with anyone because it will just introduce infection. Stay with your family and be thankful you are together. Be sure to have books to read (not eBooks), board games etc. You need to have enough things to do during the day that don’t require power. Otherwise, you will sit and go crazy waiting to die. Stay stimulated.
  • When you are down to about a week’s worth of food – this is when you have to move on

How Can I Keep My Safe House Protected From Gangs?

  • You have to make it look like it’s already looted. Throw garbage everywhere. Fling your TV out onto the lawn. Grab some furniture and break it and spread it along your drive way and onto the street. Gangs will take a look at these items and think someone has already raided your property. If you keep it too clean, you are a target.
  • Consider having a weapon. I’m not a gun person, but even kitchen knives will do. Stay armed.

Let’s Talk About Fuel:

Seriously, this was the best thing I learned from the Apocalypse show last night. Remember this Apocalypse tip. Be sure you have several gas cans, a hammer and a screw driver. When the Apocalypse hits, eventually fuel will stopped being shipped and we won’t be able to use our cars anymore. So everything will have to be on foot. During the first few weeks, you should walk around your neighborhood and STEAL all the fuel from people’s cars who have died. Fuel will be power. Fuel will keep you save. Fuel will be GOLD after the Apocalypse.

How do you do it you ask? Take the hammer and punch a hole straight into the tank with your screw driver. Let the gas run right into the gas can. You might get a few gallons from every car. It will take you farther than you imagine.

What About All The Dead Bodies?

It is THOUGHT that dead bodies do not transmit infection. So, if you want to take jewelry off of people (because precious metal will be the new money) – go ahead and do it. The smell will be unbearable, but you will have to remove yourself from the situation and get it done.

Paper money will not matter anymore.

Get Out Of The City – As Far As You Can Go:

  • When your food is dwindling, you know it’s time to consider moving to another location. If you are one of the billion people who live in a city, you need to get the heck out. Gangs will be swarming in the cities because there are clusters of houses to raid. You need to go to the countryside and try to get good with a small isolated town that farms. I immediately thought of the Amish in PA. I live a few hours away from them and you better believe that is where I would head if something like this happened. They know what it’s like to live basic.
  • Anyway. Don’t think you’re going to jump on the highway with your gallons of fuel and your stash of food. You will  absolutely get robbed if you take one of those basic routes. You must go locally. So figure out a route now and store it in the back of your head. No major roads. Remember that.
  • Truth be told, odds are you are going to have to walk your way out of the city because the Apocalypse will kill people everywhere – including while driving their cars. Expect massive gridlock – everywhere.
  • Learn how to hot wire a car. Yes, seriously. If for some reason you have to abandon your car, at least you can always try to pick one up down the road.
  • Pack only what you know can carry and water is the most important thing. Water is HEAVY. Use most of your energy on water.

Trust No One:

Yeah I said it. Trust no one. The man in the cop outfit isn’t a cop. If he was, he wouldn’t be wearing it because there’s nothing left for him to do. After the apocalypse, there will be no government backing him. Anyone official is someone not to be trusted.

But There Is No Place Safe To Go…

  • You are right. Accept it.

Will Life Every Return Back To Normal?

  • No. It’s all about survival. Let it go. The life as you knew is gone. Everything about it. Done. It’s just about restarting in a very small community who will hopefully accept you and living out your days.

Do you think I’m crazy for giving all of these Apocalypse tips? Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. But if the time ever comes and you know to grab a hammer and screwdriver to steal fuel – you’ll remember me. 🙂 LOL

Have you heard any tips you want to share? Would LOVE to hear them!


Sunday 10th of July 2011

Jenny, thank you for the tip, i just found out a cheaper place for the book instead, is like 8 dlls cheaper on b& and in amazon.. i order it already...can't wait to read it.


Wednesday 6th of July 2011

Im with you, I just go the book Apocalypse, how to survive a global crisis and covers what you are saying and more,, well i havn't finish reading it but it's better be prepare than sorry...


Friday 17th of June 2011

I didn't know about this, hate that. With hurricane season coming up, and if we are out of power for weeks at a time again, there is some great rationale.


Wednesday 15th of June 2011

Ok here is my suggestion for your kit and you will thank me and think of me should you ever need it ;-) - water purifier pen that uses ultraviolet light to purify water. Then you only need to carry those flat bottles of water to refill. I got one for hubby last year. Unless you live in a desert you can get water in most places. Dont forget that simple infection will kill you as well so antibiotics are a huge must have.

Monday 13th of June 2011

This is plain crazy. So American, I mean are you serious???!!! I am now speechless!

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