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LATB Exclusive Interview With Victoria Justice As She Reads For Kids With JetBlue’s Soar With Reading Program With the NY Red Bulls and Mary Pope Osborne

Victoria Justice stopped by the Riverbank State Park and read a book from the Magic Treehouse series to kids in NYC in collaboration with JetBlue‘s Soar With Reading Program. Goalkeepers from the NY Red Bulls and author of the Magic Treehouse series, Mary Pope Osborne, were also present to celebrate. JetBlue partnered with Victoria to surprise over a thousand area kids with copies of Magic Tree House: Soccer on Sunday.


The New York Red Bulls held a soccer demonstration and mini-clinic, which the kids LOVED. Mary Pope Osborne also read a bit from the book. Grab your library card and grab this book for your kids, too!

The main characters, Jack & Annie, told some of the story and performed musical numbers. The kids went wild for it.

They LOVED the soccer players but I think they screamed the loudest for Victoria. I had the chance to sit with both Mary Pope Osborne and Victoria Justice before the event.


Mary Pope Osborne recently completed her 52nd book in the Magic Treehouse series! I couldn’t believe that. The books have sold over 120 million copies worldwide. I asked her where she gets her inspiration from.

“I constantly have conversations with kids and I get inspiration from them. I talk to them about where they want to go and that inspires me,” she said, “The best thing you can do in the world is to get kids excited about reading.

Parents should take their kids to the library, sit with them and read at home, have them read to you, read to them. Turn off the TV and read a book. Reading covers literacy, nurturing, learning and more. And it usually doesn’t cost anything especially if you’re going to the library.”

I sat down with Victoria Justice to talk about her partnership with JetBlue and what’s on the horizon for her.


LATB: How did you get involved in the Soar With Reading program?

Victoria: I’ve always been a big reader. My mom is a big reader and she has always been a big influence on me with that. My best friend, Audrey, and I used to read Twilight together. It was an integral part of my childhood. It expands your imagination so much.

LATB: What was the first book you remember reading?

Victoria: I remember reading The Rainbow Fish. The illustrations were so beautiful. I love the ocean and water. I also loved Miss Spider’s Tea Party. The Giving Tree was also another big one for me.

LATB: Are you working on anything new coming up?

Victoria: I just wrapped the movie, The Outskirts, like 2 days ago. I play Jodi which is very different from roles I’ve played before. I have bangs in the movie and I wear glasses.

It’s about a bunch of kids who are sick of being mistreated by the popular kids. They gather all the misfits to become the new popular kids while staying true to themselves.

We filmed it in Great Neck, Long Island. I’m also going to be shooting Eye Candy in New York soon. I play a computer hacker.


Victoria, Mary and the NY Red Bulls goalkeepers sat for questions with the kids. They asked the cutest things. They asked about everything from practice sessions to Victoria’s favorite travel destination (Spain).

For more information on the Soar With Reading Program, click here. For more info on JetBlue, click here.

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