Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas: I Can’t Believe You Waited This Long

Are you insane? You seriously haven’t finished your Christmas Shopping yet? GOOD LUCK with the mall – if you can even get NEAR it. My mall didn’t close last night and this morning there is still traffic backed up for several lights. Seriously, I will never understand the last minute Christmas Shopping phenomenon. If I could, I would do it all in August! LOL!

Next year, do it all on Black Friday – ONLINE. Save yourself this heartache. 🙂

So, you need some last minute Christmas gift ideas, huh? Lucky for you, I’ve lived with a man who does this every single year for the last decade. So, I know where to tell you to go that will be LINE FREE.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas #1: Hit Up The Supermarket

No, I’m not telling you to buy your wife a honey baked ham. I’m telling you to head over to the gift card section. It’s usually right next to the cashier and my Stop and Shop carries at least 100 options. Everything from The Gap to Bloomingdales to a dozen chain restaurants. It’s something you can physically hand her on the big day which is MUCH better than showing her a proof of shipment receipt from the Internet.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas #2: Nails, Spa, Hair Salons

This is also a really nice gesture and it’s something that won’t cause you a lot of stress. Visit a local hair salon, nail salon or spa and put together a little package. These are my absolute favorite gifts and my husband knows it! If you don’t know what she will like, then just opt for a gift certificate with a set price instead. These sort of places do both options.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas #3: Drinks

This last minute Christmas gift idea is really for someone other than your significant other. Consider getting something from Starbucks (a mug with a gift card) or Dunkin Donuts (coffee bag plus gift card). Looking for something a bit… harder? What about a liquor store? Put together several bottles of wine and add a ribbon on top.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas #4: Shop Local

Sure, you might not get the amazing deal that Toys R Us is promoting online, but that’s your fault for waiting so long. 🙂 Your town has plenty of mom and pop shops that you can visit. Jewelry, toys, clothing, etc. You name it and your main street sells it!

Don’t fret! The mall is NOT the last option for last minute Christmas gifts. There are other places that will suit your needs.

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  1. Chaucee wrote:

    I did all my shopping this year online on Black Friday and Cyber Monday – it was amazing and done before December even came! I highly suggest it. Just be thinking ahead!

    Posted 12.24.11

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