‘Lady And The Blog’ Featured In The Rachael Ray Magazine

Last year I became friendly with the good people over at ‘The Rachael Ray Magazine’ (specifically the ‘Chat and Chew‘ section). We originally were going to do something with ‘Getting Gorgeous‘ but it ended up not happening for our launch event. However, the relationship was made and other things are in the works.

Here’s a pic from this month’s magazine! They feature ‘Lady and the Blog’ and ‘Mom Generations’. How exciting!

Tonight I’m writing up an article for them and one of their advertisers. Hopefully we continue to work together because I absolutely ADORE that magazine!


Written by Vera

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Vera Sweeney – mom, blogger, and New York resident – is the founder of Lady and the Blog. Her main focus is to help busy women stay on top of the latest style, culinary, and parenting trends.

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