Kung Zhu Takes Over For The Holidays

If you have boys who love action and Zhu Zhu pets… have I got the PERFECT gift for you! Special Forces and Ninja Warriors Kung Zhu Pets are both amazing lines of rugged hamsters that will rock your child’s world.

The Special Forces Kung Zhu army includes Stonewall, Sergeant Serge, Rock’O and Rivet. These tough hamsters will evolve into Special Force Warriors after training in either the Alpha or Bravo training grounds with different weapons, armors and defense technology.

In the meantime, your Ninja Warriors including Yama, Azer, Drayko and Thorn, will transform into rough fighters after training in their Samurai and Ninja grounds using their own weapons and armors. Each of these Ninjas has a hieroglyph or Dragon symbol on its bright and colorful fur while the Special forces have either a star or comet army sign.

New For ZhuZhu Pets®:
• Just like a real pet, ZhuZhu Pets are wacky, interactive, artificially intelligent toy hamsters! Press their backs to watch them go!
• These toys behave differently depending upon their environment while making silly sounds-just like a real live pet!
• ZhuZhu Pets hamsters are conveniently priced below $10 and their playsets range below $20.
• You can even collect and connect their playsets and add-ons, and even better, all sets work together!
• ZhuZhu Pets have silly and unpredictable personalities with adorable birthmarks, making each unique and special.
• Grab the adorable, trendy carriers to tote your pet around-your kids will go wild!
• Now hamsters are available in fantastically fun colors.
• Your kids will enjoy hours of engaging and entertaining playtime fun!

New Kung Zhu™ Special Forces and Ninja Warrior Hamsters:
• Kung Zhu warriors are great boy’s toy hamsters-your girls will even love them too!
• Swipe your Kung Zhu hamster with it’s battle armor and watch as it transforms from a silly, normal hamster into an extraordinary Ninja Warrior or Special Forces fighter.
• Hamster warriors and battle armor are conveniently priced below $10 each and playsets range below $20.
• You can even connect these sets with your ZhuZhu Pets’ playsets.
• Your kids will have a blast watching these toys battle it out!

Yeah – it’s that serious! Available in major retailing stores including Walmart, Toys R Us, Target and Amazon.com.

* Company sent sample for review

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  1. Barbara wrote:

    my big guy is dying to get this. he calls it transformer zhu zhu pets!

    Posted 10.24.10
  2. Sherry wrote:

    I just bought some of these for my nephew’s birthday a few weeks ago. They all went crazy for them!

    Posted 10.25.10

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