Kick Off The Holidays And A New Skincare Routine With POND’S And The Rockettes #PONDSPerforms (PLUS GIVEAWAY)


This is so COOOOOOLLLLLLL. I always love to know what the people who LIVE in front of an audience use for their beauty routine. I mean, they HAVE to keep their skin looking clean and fresh. A blemish on stage with the spotlight hitting them right on their forehead cannot be good for business if you know what I mean.

The Rockettes® are FAMOUS for their high kicks, their wide smiles and their perfect complexion. And now we know why — they use POND’S®! POND’S and the Rockettes have teamed up to reveal what it takes to remove high-performance makeup while keeping skin beautiful.


Learn the skincare secrets and trusted beauty products of America’s most iconic dance company

So, what do they use? You want to know, right?! Both POND’S® classic Cold Cream Cleanser and Wet Cleansing Towelettes are “Rockettes tested and approved”.  The Rockettes demand hard-working skincare products that will remove their stage makeup and help prepare their skin for tomorrow’s routine. These skincare products remove every last trace of makeup and dirt plus leave skin moisturized, soft and glowing. If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.

Honestly, this is no shocker to me. I’ve been a brand fan for Y-E-A-R-S. I don’t go on vacation without their Cleansing Wipes. LITERALLY.

People across America can see the Rockettes perform on stage, but POND’S® is giving women a closer look at the faces behind the kickline. Visit or to see an original video featuring select Rockettes performing (in sync, of course) their way through a typical day – from starting their morning to taking off the day’s stage makeup with POND’S®.



And Now Your Chance To WIN:

Click here to enter a sweepstakes where the grand winner will walk away with a two-day Manhattan getaway to meet the Rockettes and attend the Radio City Christmas Spectacular this December.


Use the form below to enter to win a gift basket of Rockettes tested and approved POND’S products. Contest ends November 6th.

Gift Basket of Rockettes Tested and Approved POND’S Products

* I’ve teamed up with POND’S to promote their new relationship with the Rockettes.

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  1. Cynthia R wrote:

    Most definitely I use their classic creme Ponds daily.

    Posted 10.30.14
  2. Sarah Matos wrote:

    Yes I love Ponds. I use their moisturizer daily.

    Posted 10.30.14
  3. Shannon F wrote:

    Yes! I use Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser every day!

    Posted 10.30.14
  4. Ann Fantom wrote:

    Yes, I love Pond’s cleanser

    Posted 10.30.14
  5. Courtney wrote:

    love ponds! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!

    Posted 10.31.14
  6. Marian Boll wrote:

    My mother used Ponds and when I was a girl, I watched and started also using Ponds….that was back in the 50s!!!!

    Posted 10.31.14
  7. Wendy R. wrote:

    I love Pond’s facial cleansers!

    Posted 10.31.14
  8. Crystal F wrote:

    I’ve never tried their products. I’ve heard great things about them though. Thank you!!

    Posted 10.31.14
  9. shelly peterson wrote:

    I have not tried this product yet but want to.

    Posted 10.31.14
  10. Jackie wrote:

    I love Pond’s! I have been using Ponds Cold Cream for years.
    Thank you!

    Posted 10.31.14
  11. Cynthia C wrote:

    I have not tried Pond’s products but I would like to.

    Posted 10.31.14
  12. Christie L wrote:

    I am a longtime fan of Ponds. I have used it since I was a teen.

    Posted 10.31.14
  13. love this

    Posted 10.31.14
  14. Donna A wrote:

    Yes I’ve used Pond’s products for years.I love their products.

    Posted 10.31.14
  15. nickie wrote:

    I have not tried ponds products, but I would love to.

    Posted 11.1.14
  16. I have used ponds for years – love the cold cream

    Posted 11.1.14
  17. Gina G wrote:

    I have not tried Ponds, but would like to knowing they are “classic.”

    Posted 11.1.14
  18. Cynthia wrote:

    I haven’t tried ponds but I would like to

    Posted 11.2.14
  19. Laura J wrote:

    Oh I love the Ponds facial wipes! I have not tried the other products, but would love to!

    Posted 11.2.14
  20. Tanya White wrote:

    I have been a fan of Ponds for years

    Posted 11.2.14
  21. Leigh Anne Borders wrote:

    I have been a fan of Pond’s for years.

    Posted 11.2.14
  22. Michelle Levine wrote:

    I am a fan of Ponds!

    Posted 11.2.14
  23. Dagmar Finch wrote:

    My Mom used it, why wouldn’t I?

    Posted 11.3.14
  24. richelle bowers wrote:

    ive never tried it before

    Posted 11.3.14
  25. latanya wrote:

    yes, I am a fan

    Posted 11.3.14
  26. Lorena Keech wrote:

    I love Ponds, I’ve used it forever.

    Posted 11.3.14
  27. I am a fan of Ponds’ facial cleansing products.

    Posted 11.4.14
  28. Tammy S wrote:

    I have used Ponds since I was a kid. My mom was who introduced it to me. I still love it.

    Posted 11.4.14
  29. Jill Myrick wrote:

    Yes, I am a big fan of Pond’s. It been used by the women in my family for as long as I can remember.


    Posted 11.4.14
  30. ger wrote:

    I haven’t tried Pond’s yet, but I will be a fan!

    Posted 11.4.14
  31. LesleyF wrote:

    I do use Ponds!

    Posted 11.4.14
  32. joni wrote:

    I have never tries any Ponds products.

    Posted 11.5.14
  33. Desiree Dunbar wrote:

    I am a Pond’s fan.

    Posted 11.5.14
  34. Lisa wrote:

    I have tired a few ponds products and liked them!

    Posted 11.5.14
  35. Lisa wrote:

    I have tired a few ponds products over the years and liked them!

    Posted 11.5.14
  36. Katherine Riley wrote:

    Pond’s makes great products.

    Posted 11.5.14
  37. Theresa D wrote:

    I really like Pond’s products and use the facial wipes almost daily to remove my makeup.

    Posted 11.6.14
  38. Evelyn Goettner wrote:

    I love Ponds products. Especially the facial wipes. I keep them in my purse at all times.

    Posted 11.6.14
  39. Shawna O wrote:

    I love Ponds skin care products!

    Posted 11.6.14
  40. Annette wrote:

    I haven’t used Pond’s in years, but it was a favorite brand of my mother’s.

    Posted 11.6.14
  41. Kim Keithline wrote:

    I love ponds!

    Posted 11.6.14

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