Jenny McCarthy And Donnie Wahlburg Dish On Engagement And New Book Deal

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlburg sat down with parenting bloggers to talk about their recent engagement and to help support Jenny’s new book deal. The two were absolutely adorable to watch and a pleasure to meet. 

On the heels of a fabulous Mother’s Day weekend it only makes sense to share my recent interview with one of the hottest celebrity moms out there, Jenny McCarthy. I recently sat down with “The View” cohost and blonde bombshell at the NYC hotspot, Beauty & Essex, to get the scoop on her new book, beauty secrets and all the details of her recent engagement to fiancé Donnie Wahlburg.

Jenny and Donnie Wahlburg (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry)

How did the engagement happen?

Jenny: It was so sweet. First Evan came out of the room with a piece of paper that said, “Will You” and then he ran back into the room. When he came back out he was holding another piece of paper that said, “Marry.” Then Donnie walked out with a t-shirt that said, “Me.”  He got down on one knee and said, “Will you marry me.” I said yes! Having my son was there next to him made it even more special. Donnie is incredibly thoughtful to include my son in the engagement. I was really happy.

Any wedding plans in the works yet?

Jenny: Oh yes. We are getting married tonight.

Donnie: (Donnie laughs) you never know. It could be tonight.

Jenny:  You know what, right now we are just enjoying the engagement. We have still have to figure out if it’s small or if it’s going to be big? Are we eloping?

Pre- Mother's Day Dinner With Jenny McCarthy wearing Pandora Jewelry at Beauty and Essex in NYC on (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Pandora Jewelry)

Jenny: We really don’t know when yet. I was telling him that it’s really romantic to just enjoy the moment and take our time.

Donnie: Until we have a compulsive night and just run off and do it.

Who will the maid of honor be?

Jenny: The maid of honor will be my best friend that I’ve had for the past 25 years. I can’t wait to pick out the dresses.

The dating world can be a jungle out there, especially in a city like Manhattan. What’s your advice for women who are searching for Mr. Right? How did you get so lucky?

Jenny: I literally made a promise to myself that I would go a year without dating anybody. People would ask me to go on dates and I said no, over and over again. I didn’t want to say yes until someone really, really special came along. A year went by and I met Donnie. Something really stuck out to me about him.  He made it past date after date and he kept my interest. That is when I knew I had to pursue this relationship with him.

Jenny:  I think as women we have to be really picky and follow our intuition. Girls can sometimes fall into insecurities and start looking for a guy because of loneliness.  Those aren’t the reasons to date someone. It has to be deeper than that. It’s so important for women to just be patient and picky.

In your new book, Stirring the Pot: My Recipe for Getting What You Want Out of Life, you share humorous stories and lessons regarding life, love and career. What is the most important message you want readers to walk away with?

Jenny: The theme throughout the book is all about running toward your fears and not away from them. If I had run away from my fears, I wouldn’t have made it in this business. The book starts off with me talking about my fear of public speaking and if I would have done everything but practice public speaking, I don’t know where I would be right now.

Jenny: There are a lot of girls I talk to, especially in this day and age, who are scared to change jobs, scared to use their voice, scared of failing. The truth is, whatever you fear the most is exactly what you should be doing, because it forces you to break through your comfort zone and find your life’s purpose.

By the way, you look amazing right now. What’s the secret? A cleanse? Workout? Please share!

Jenny: Well first of all, thank you, that is extremely nice of you to say. I think the biggest beauty secret is finding happiness, I’m really, really happy in my life right now. Also, working out. I try and run on treadmill. I do Bikram yoga when I can. Infrared Sauna is the latest thing I’ve been doing. Oh, and I wash my makeup off at night, that seems to help.

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