I’ve Been Going Nuts Downloading Free Kindle Books For My iPad

(not my image – though I did read and love The Outliers and Twilight)

Seriously, last night I went bananas downloading free books for my iPad and Nook. I think I spent a good hour downloading from Amazon. There are hundreds of free books available. The best news is – there is quick turnover!! SO, a book might be free for a few days but then it goes back to full price and a new book becomes free. I think I have about 60 free books to read.

Will I love them all? Probably not. But who cares?? If I start reading a book I don’t like, I just delete it!

So, here’s your reminder if you own an iPad, an iPhone, Droid or Blackberry… use Amazon to search for FREE Kindle Books. Don’t have any of those devices? NO WORRIES – you can still read the books on your computer!! Just a thought.

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