It’s 2017! So, I’m Making An Attempt At Fitness


It’s so funny because if you ask me if I believe in resolutions, I’ll tell you that I don’t. However, there’s something really promising about a clean slate.

The first week of January feels like just that, doesn’t it?

A new calendar.

A new year.

A new state of mind.

So, while I’m not walking around making a list of things I hope to accomplish… my body does automatically begin to think it should start eating healthier in January. Even when I don’t want it to! :O)

I hosted a party for my family last night and catered in all types of delicious, Italian,  carb-heavy food. But even as I filled my plate to chow down, my brain told my mouth to stop. I think I ate a third of what I served myself even though I could have probably finished the entire dish. It was just internal – a decision beyond me. And I listened (begrudgingly if I am being honest).

During the party, I also decided that TODAY I would wake up and exercise. It would be the first day of a new routine. But I woke up with such a head cold that I almost believe my body is battling my mind. It’s like…

TAKE THAT BRAIN! We aren’t going to let her exercise! We are going to knock her out instead. 

Odds are I’m going to spend the day in my bed healing instead of running on a treadmill. I think I deserve it. It’s been a crazy month. Yesterday’s party was the last of the big things I had to worry about for a while and I truly believe my body caved once it was over. It was holding on to get me through it all and when it realized that I could actually rest without interfering in anyone’s schedule… it collapsed. She’s considerate like that – my form. If you are a mom, you should completely understand what I am saying.

But even as I am shuffling through this post, trying so hard to get all the thoughts that are racing through my mind down onto this screen, there is a whisper coming from deep, down within that is telling me that as soon as I feel better, we will begin. Today is a new day… even if we start tomorrow. And I am ready for it.

I spend more time complaining about my body and worrying about my body and quite frankly… hating my body in a day than I care to admit. If I just would dedicate 45 minutes to my body/ self-care on a regular basis instead… think about all the time I would free up!

What will I do with all that clear headspace? The possibilities are endless.

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