Important New Safety Checklist From Tide And BabyCenter

You wait and wait until it’s finally the “right” time to have children. It’s such an exciting time, isn’t it?

You can’t wait, with butterflies in your stomach, for that little baby to come home for the first time. The nursery is done to perfection with all that Pinterest and magazine inspiration. You have the very best strollers, swings, cribs, and who knows what else. I remember these days so well. It was such an amazing and joyous time, really.

My family is utmost importance for me. Glad for this new Safety Checklist From Tide And BabyCenter


What could be more exciting than all of that??

After a few months of little sleep lots of newborn joy, you start to realize that while you have the most plush comforters and amazing rattles and toys, that little bundle of joy is growing up. He or she is cooing, laughing, wiggling around, and crawling. Eeek!

If you didn’t plan for this yet, now is the time. It’s time to make your house not only enjoyable but also safe. It’s time for baby proofing. I remember these days all very clearly, too.

I have to admit, this was much more nerve-wracking and overwhelming than the rest of the baby shopping and prep. This was serious, right? You start to get a little anxious. Bill and I were not 100% certain what was really important, what was not, what we may be forgetting.

To boot, we don’t have any siblings and our parents were not 100% on top of the latest safety items since back then…well, you know. We didn’t even have any friends with babies! We were the first. A new frontier.

So what did we do? We ended up buying up the store. We bought every kind of safety item you could get your hands on. From table edge guards to toilet locks to gates to cabinet locks.

important laundry safety checklist

Today, there’s even more safety items to think about. As with life in general, time passes, innovations happen, and the world had to adapt. Childproofing safety checklist updating was long overdue.

Today, so many more devices and toys have batteries to worry about. Also, today’s home is so much more wired with tech that there always seem to be more outlets, more plugs, more wires everywhere you turn.

All of these items are prime targets for curious littles ones starting to gain some freedom and mobility to help them with all that wonderment.

One recent innovation that I love came by way of the laundry room – liquid laundry pacs. These are so awesome. They make laundry just that much easier to deal with, that much more enjoyable. They are a cinch and I really do enjoy using them – as do millions of other families since they’re so compact and powerful.

However, these, as with everything else in life, comes with responsibility. Accidents can happen quickly, so you need to be completely prepared for anything. They’re an important item to add to your childproofing safety checklist.  

Parents know how important it is to safeguard their homes to protect little ones, and they take great care to think of every detail and check every box on their childproofing safety checklist. But the modern home is changing – and so are the things we need to consider when childproofing.

Always remember that laundry pacs should be stored in a secure container, like the one Tide created with the first-ever child-resistant design with a Child-Guard zipper. However, even with the sealable bag, it’s important to keep laundry packets up and keep them closed, so you can keep little ones safe.

Childproofing Safety Checklist From Tide And BabyCenter

Safety Checklist From Tide And BabyCenter

  I wanted to share some really interesting facts from a new study done byBabyCenter on behalf ofTide. These statistics truly illuminate how important proper home safeguarding is, especially in oft-forgotten areas like the laundry room. Check it out:

  • 1 in 3 parents say their laundry room is located near spaces where the family spends most of their time such as the kitchen and living/family room
  • Only 17% of laundry packet purchasers consider laundry packets a top 3 safety concern
  • Just 29% of parents have safeguarded or plan to safeguard the laundry room
  • 1 in 5 parents say their laundry packets are in within reach or sight of their child

I also wanted to share this video:

For this and many, many others reason, I am so happy to be working with Tide to spread the word about the “Up, Closed and Safe” safety initiative. It’s like Childproofing 2.0 for the modern home! To find out more, please check out:

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