I’m On Vacation This Week! Carnival Cruising With The Family #cruisingcarnival


You might notice that I haven’t been posting a lot the last few days. It’s because I’m in the middle of the ocean with my family on a Carnival Cruise. We are three days in and loving it. The schedule is PACKED with activities for everyone and we have 3 more ports to go which means we are popping on and off the boat whenever we can. I have an Internet package, but it’s not enough for me to blog as I normally would.

SO, here’s the official “I’m Sorry”! Everything will return back to normal when I return. I promise!! I’m shooting video and taking as many photos as I possibly can while on this wonderful trip. Memory making as we speak!!

Until next time!

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  1. Melissa M wrote:

    Have fun! We just got back from a Carnival Cruise on Friday!

    Posted 7.15.14

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