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I’m Joining #DestinationSummer And You’re Invited To Come Along For The Ride @Kohls #sponsored

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That sly little face…

I’ve been assigned a fun little project by Kohl’s and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! For the next few days, I will be writing about my city — giving you an inside look at all the places that I think you should visit should you ever have the chance to come to Manhattan. Today, Bill and I grabbed Caleb and hit midtown. I think midtown is a GREAT place to start because there’s so much to do in such a small space. If you are crammed for time and want to really capture some iconic tourist shots, this is where you go.

#DestinationSummer all started out in Boston. Shell Chic’d did an AMAZING job covering her favorite hot spots. Makes me want to drive up and hit all the amazing neighborhoods she featured.

But for now, let’s talk about Radio City Music Hall…


(Top, Flip Flops, Skinny Jeans, Cardigan, Apt 9 Jewelry (not online) , Clutch)

So many great shows to choose from! Of course, if you are coming during the holidays, you MUST attend the Christmas Spectacular. YOU MUST. Don’t have the time to catch one? At least grab a photo in front with the iconic sign. And don’t do it with the roaming Elmo because they will charge you once they are done! 🙂



One block South you will find Magnolia Cupcakes (on the same avenue). If you are a Sex and the City fan, you know this bakery’s name by HEART. I fell in love many moons ago and have been devouring these delicious treats ever since. If you see a line outside… it isn’t a mistake. It’s the NORM. And when you go inside, there will be three separate lines for you to get on. Make sure you are on the CUPCAKE line. Ready for the price tag? $3.25 a POP! Don’t just order a dozen because you will regret it once you get to the register. Just get one and share it… but trust me. Get one! Oh so good. My personal favorite is the vanilla on vanilla. Believe me, they are all good.


(Shirt, Pants)

As you walk around the 50s, you will notice so many great photo opps in between the photo opps. Take your time and notice it all. The Atlas statue is located right next to Rockefeller Center and across the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, the church is undergoing MAJOR reconstruction these days. I wanted to take some photos to share with you, but you can hardly see the structure at ALL. It’s for the best, of course. Please make sure you stop into the church and light a candle while you are touring midtown.


I have to tell you a little story about Rockefeller Center. My husband and I were both business consultants before we had children and worked all over Manhattan. For a while, we were both stationed in midtown and would meet in Rockefeller Center for lunch. This was when we were still engaged mind you! We would meet on this very bench every single day for 45 minutes and catch up as fast as we could before we had to run back to the office to do more coding. No matter what time of the year it was, we constantly were interrupted by tourists asking us to take their photo… and we always did. Why? Because we knew that this place was special. NYC was special and we never took it for granted… even if it meant it would take us 10 minutes longer to eat our meals. LOL!


There are so many fun shops to visit up and down this area but my favorite activity to do is people watching. Grab a bench, get comfortable and take a look.  Every type of person walks through this path on any given day. And while you are waiting, try to find your heritage’s flag waving in the wind!


If you DO plan a NYC trip, make sure you have the following items with you. A summer scarf (because a little wind goes a long way when the sun hides behind the clouds in Manhattan), your favorite sunnies, a great pink lipstick, and…  hand sanitizer. Yeah, I said it.

Stay tuned for more Manhattan fun! I’ll be posting some more information tomorrow!!

Check out more pictures on Kohl’s Pinterest Board.

* this is a sponsored post


Tuesday 3rd of June 2014

what great shots. just love the city you never get tired of walking around, always something happening in NY. Caleb is just so darn cute in that shirt love it

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