I Think I Created A Monster

My daughter really loves makeup. I mean… LOVES makeup. Every single day she is either sneaking into my bathroom to put on some of my lip gloss or BEGGING me to paint her nails. It’s so cute, but I’m nervous that she is getting too caught up in it all.

I know she wants to be just like mommy, but I’m so afraid that she’ll start thinking she NEEDS makeup. She’s WAY too young to start feeling like she doesn’t look pretty without it. Natalie isn’t saying that, it seems like it’s all a game right now. BUT I’m looking ahead and making sure we don’t walk down that road.

Do you have girls? What do you do about makeup? Do you let them play with your stash?

Natalie says there is a girl in her class that goes to school with lip gloss and she BEGS to be allowed to do the same. I won’t let her because… that’s insane. At home it’s ok if we are playing dress up (she also loves my heels – BEGS ME TO BUY HER A PAIR), but out in public??? 5 is WAYYYYYYY too young. I’m thinking 13 will be her first time?? That might be naive of me, but I feel like that’s when I started to wear lipstick. In high school!

Liam wears Bill’s clothing, so it’s not really gender specific. I’m just nervous about whether or not I’m unintentionally  giving Natalie the wrong message….


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  1. ppd wrote:

    I used to put on my moms lipstick all the time when I was little, but I grew out of it. I didn’t wear makeup until college. Now I’m obsessed again. I think it’s just fun for girls.

    Your attitude about it seems healthy. 13 seems like a good age for make up in public, and telling her she doesn’t need it to be pretty is great. I think so many people feel like there is your face and the “face” you put on for the world, it’s important to remember that make up does not make the girl.

    Posted 2.3.11
  2. lizzys wrote:

    me and my sister would walk around in shoes and sliips aand makeup and jewelry when we were left alone and play being grown up……it’s natural for kids to copy their parents….it was fun….we would play for hours

    Posted 2.4.11
  3. Emily wrote:

    My mom’s rule was that every year we could add make-up. 13, lipgloss, then blush, then mascara, then at 16 we got the whole deal! She also taught us how to wear it each year. My sister was two years older, so I envied her, but I knew my turn would come.

    Posted 2.4.11
  4. Kids emulate their parents whether it’s make up, typing, cooking or crafts. That’s just what they do. My daughter is 17 now. She never had any interest in clothes or make up when she was younger. She used to insist up until about age 14 that she would NEVER use make up or perfume or dress up in typically feminine clothes. I just smiled and said tell me that when you’re 18. Now, she’s 17 and as into make up and clothes as any other girl. Just set boundaries as far as an acceptable age for make up use and stick to it. It’s great that she wants to be like you. Just let her know that we use make up to accent our beauty not to make us beautiful.

    Posted 2.4.11
  5. Sherry wrote:

    I’m sure for Natalie it’s a lot to do with wanting to be like you. She’s seeing you do all of these girly videos with makeup tips, hair tips, etc and she’s just wanting to do things like her mommy. 🙂 It’s totally normal. You are a girly girl and she looks up to you. 🙂 You are doing awesome by making sure she knows that she is beautiful without makeup and the outside isn’t what counts.

    I hear you on the makeup at school thing. I can’t get over how many little girls at the elementary level are wearing lipgloss, etc. It’s freaky. I have a friend who lets her kindergartner wear lipgloss and blush to school. I think middle school was when my mom started letting us wear makeup – right around 13/14.

    On a side note – those ginormous legos are the coolest thing I’ve seen in forever. I want to come and play! ROFL I would totally build myself a fort in the backyard with them and make it my hideout/office. Bwhahaha.

    Posted 2.4.11
  6. My mother was a genius.

    Never thought I’d say that about her when I was a little girl and wanted to wear makeup.

    She started telling me when I was in elementary school that she would take me to a makeup professional at our salon for my 14th birthday who would show me how to put on my make up, what makeup to use and how to cover up blemishes, etc.

    She was true to her word, on my 14th B-day, I went to our salon, sat in a cool chair and got all the training I needed. My mother bought all the make up the lady used and I felt like a million bucks! I got my hair done and went home looking like a stylish woman, and not a trashy girl trying to wear makeup that I had no idea about.

    It’s an option….
    Good luck! I’ve got 5 daughters and they are ALL different in their makeup desires.

    Posted 2.4.11
  7. Kyle wrote:

    I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 14. I was a social outcast.

    Nah, I’m just kidding, that’s not the reason I was a social outcast 😛 There were other factors I’m sure.

    Posted 2.4.11
  8. Sandra Babic wrote:

    13 is wayyy too old!! 13 is 8th grade……………. girly girls can start wearing it in like 5th grade……. maybe you should let her have her own like chapstick that has a candy flavor or cherry or whatever so that she feels like shes wearing lipstick and its not so flashy or out there u know

    Posted 2.4.11
  9. Leslie wrote:

    “She’s WAY too young to start feeling like she doesn’t look pretty without it.”

    ^ Let’s ALL stop feeling this way!!! Ladies, can I get an AMEN?!! We don’t have to be polished and flat ironed and perfect Stepford Wives all the time. Just when we feel like it, LOL

    Vera, I’m glad you are aware. You run I’m Not Obsessed (I love the name because it shows you have a sense of humor) and Getting Gorgeous. It’s good for Natalie to know that Getting Gorgeous means more than just looks, makeup and fashion.

    Posted 2.4.11
  10. Leslie wrote:

    Oh, and I remember being totally into lip gloss and lipsmackers, but not until middle school. I did play w/makeup at home mainly because my mom had a ton of it, and I wanted to be like her. She was also OBSESSED (and still is) with weight – constantly talks about it and made/makes “comments”. < this is one of the worst things we can do to our kids, ladies…

    Posted 2.4.11

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