I Love The Clothes – Just Don’t Like The $80 In FEES I Paid To Get Them


I made SUCH a mistake last week. There’s this site that I LOVE called Dorothy Perkins. It’s in the UK but has a US version online. I buy things from Top Shop on occasion and have never had a problem with fees etc. I just ASSUMED that Dorothy Perkins would be the same kinda thing.

Well…. you know what they say about people who assume things.

I placed my order and then a few days later received an email telling me I owed $85 in taxes to Customs. I figured it was spam and deleted it. Then I got a phone call saying the same exact thing.

Come on… I wasn’t told I had to pay that???

In the end, I had to pay for the package to come to the US and the fees were actually MORE than my order total. MORTIFIED!

Lesson learned…a very expensive lesson learned.

( but I did get 4 compliments on the shirt above – gotta find the silver lining, right?)

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  1. If you like UK fashion (I have a few pieces from Dorothy Perkins) shop the NEXT website as all of their prices include taxes and duties so the price you see is the price you pay. Happy shopping.

    Posted 1.29.12
  2. Sandya wrote:

    I am in the middle of dealing with this situation, and Dorothy Perkins Customer Service has been absolutely useless in helping me. I ordered clothes worth $174.25, and am getting charged customs fees of $61.25. I spoke to US Customs and Border representative, and also checked their website. There is no Customs charge for personal orders under $200.00, even for textiles. Then the shipping agent for DP, from whom I got the first email saying I have to pay $61.25, sent me the invoice DP had sent along with my package-that was for $205.00. I have told them it is incorrect, but they refuse to do anything about it.
    DP customer service tells me that they issued the correct invoice only, and also that their shipping person is not the one who has been communicating with me about the Customs charges. And DP has left me to deal with all this mess that has been caused by their mistake/inefficiency in the first place, claiming that they have no contact with their shipper-something I find very hard to believe.
    Either DP is sending stuff via their shipper who is pawning off things to the other group that contacted me, and they are making money off innocent customers who don’t realize that US Customs is not actually imposing any tax.
    I have never had any issues with Topshop or Debenhams or any other British store in the past, and have never been charged spurious customs fees by any other company. DP’s dealings are shady and despicable-not only are they cheating trusting customers, they are also fleecing the US Customs and Border of money that they are claiming in its name!
    All I want is for DP to refund my money now, and I shall make sure that neither I nor any of my friends or acquaintances ever do business with them. The honorable thing for them to do would be to send me my package and refund my money too to gain some credibility, but having lost all faith in their ability to do right by their customers, I do not expect them to do that. The least they can do is sort this issue out ASAP.
    I hope some customer advocate can help me too.

    Posted 2.4.12
  3. P Davis wrote:

    Hello fellow shoppers,
    I live in Houston, Texas
    I ordered merchandise from DP worth bout $90
    They charged an extra $3 on the same account.
    I placed an order 1/31/12 got a few emails last one said my order is dispatched
    On 2/2/12. Today is 2/14/2012 I was of course planning to wear it for VDAY!

    I have never waited so long for an order. I am nervous and upset that I may not get my order I sure hope it’s not the case, if so I will cry. How could I ever trust an foreign company again! I will call BBB

    Posted 2.14.12
  4. Nancy wrote:

    Yeah, so I order from ASOS all the time. I like the free shipping both ways and so I placed three huge orders from Dorothy Perkins, planning on sending back what doesn’t work out. I’m right at $200 in fees. My third order was placed yesterday. It was for less than $200, so I’m hoping I won’t incur fees on this one. Do you know what happens if you refuse to pay the fees? Will they return the order to Dorothy Perkins and I’ll get my money back? I’m afraid I’ll lose my money and clothes. I think I’m probably stuck paying these stupid fees. I’m worried about sending my returns back because, ya know, I placed orders in various sizes to get the right fit. I feel like an idiot. I’m so upset.

    Posted 2.23.12

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