I Am OBSESSED With The Game Of Life: Zapped Edition (You Use Your iPad With This Version)


I had the ‘Game of Life’ growing up as a child. It was one of those really fun games that my mom and I would play on regular basis. I remember really loving getting “babies”. Those pegs were like GOLD to me. 🙂

Well, the new version of the “Game of Life” is AWESOME. I can’t tell you how much fun it is! The kids and I are all over it. It’s a board game PLUS an iPad app. Your iPad goes in the middle of the board and it provides additional activities for you to do while it’s your turn. Depending on what square you land on determines your activity.


Sometimes when it’s your turn you get to choose a career, a new house, find a wife, have babies, play memory games – You name it! They have it as an option.

This is a MUST PLAY if you are an iPad owner. I really hope that more board games come out with an iPad infused version. It really was a TON of FUN. The Game of Life: zAPPed Edition for iPad retails online for $19.99.

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