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The Maleficent Jewelry Collection – Presented By HSN

This line of Maleficent jewelry inspired by the Queen herself and is currently available on HSN. The absolute showstopper pieces will redefine your personal style and help add a bit of royalty to your daily routine.

Villain meets vixen. Curvacious lines splattered with rich gems express you might have more up your sleeve than meets the eye. I had the chance to try a few pieces on and they were simply magnificent.

Maleficent jewelry

The untold story of the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty comes to the big screen May 30…and I wait–with bated breath–as I’m slightly obsessed (practically five levels short of stalker status) with Angelina Jolie and can’t imagine an actress EVER more perfectly cast to play the wicked and beguiling enchantress.  

Sleeping Beauty also happens to be one of my most favorite Disney stories.  Proof? For a hot minute, I even considered naming my daughter Aurora. Yes, really.

HSN Presents The Maleficent Jewelry Collection

So you can imagine, I practically ran (no small feat in the pouring rain and high-heeled knee-high boots, no less) to the recent preview of the Maleficent Collection.  Designed in the spirit of the movie, HSN created a stunning and exclusive collection that captures the drama and magic of this beloved tale.

And drama is an understatement because the Maleficent jewelry line is big and bold and makes no apologies.

HSN Presents The Maleficent Jewelry Collection

Maleficent Jewelry rings

With everything from stylish, edgy clutches to dark and whimsical jewelry to a cleverly themed sleepwear line, my personal favorites and standout pieces are featured below.

Maleficent Jewelry  rings

Millie by Matthew Campbell Laurenza Fine Jewelry’s Snakeskin Pattern Ring is edgy and breathtaking.  I also fell hard for the softer nuance of the lovely gold and lavender gemstone ring.  

Nothing is subtle or dainty. Everything wants your absolute attention.

Maleficent jewelry necklace

Just so you know, Matthew Campbell Laurenza’s background is originally in architecture, fine art, and sculpting.  He first launched his jewelry collection at the prestigious Bergdorf Goodman. Don’t these pieces all feel like a work of art to you?

Maleficent Jewelry Collection

Heidi Daus has created high-end fashion jewelry for almost two decades.  She requires that all crystals and stones be meticulously set by hand, ensuring their utmost quality.  

Timeless elegance and whimsical charm define these vintage style jewelry pieces that offer distinct design and signature color.

hsn line

N. Natori’s kimono style nightgown takes center stage with the sleepwear presented.  The blood-red design meets the silky black draping and perfectly captures the dark elegance of the fallen fairy herself.

Shop the entire fabulous collection at beginning May 7.

hsn line

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