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HP Holiday Widget Makes Customizing Docs Super Easy!

You should really check out this great new HP Holiday widget on HP’s Facebook page!  The HP Holiday widget for Families can be found at   The widget for Business can be found at:

The HP holiday gift pack was crafted to help make the hassle of the holiday season a bit easier for you while showcasing some of the fun you can have with print. It seems like the closer the holiday gets, the more mailings we have and the greater the need for organization.The best part, you would be able to download, customize, and use so many amazing items, including these listed below.  They look great and really will make your life a lot easier, both personally and professionally! It makes the whole experience a piece of cake! Take a look at some of the things you can customize and create:

  • Customized Recipe Cards
  • 10 Coloring Pages for your kids
  • Laminated Editorial Calendar Planner
  • Custom Return Labels (one set would be custom with your mailing address and another would be left blank)
  • Outbound Labels
  • Business Mailing Labels
  • Twitter and Facebook logo signs (with an area for you to write your own username and custom URL) Signs
  • Custom Letter w/ suggestions on how to use your gift pack
  • USB Keychain with all of the documents stored and a code for the widget that you can share on your blog

Plus, you can receive product suggestions, get tips from the HP community, check out HP products, and easily shop for HP ink and toner!  It’s so great, especially for this harried time of year!

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