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How Zoe Salanda’s Interview Changed My Life #GotGVol2 : From The Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Set

I’ve had the opportunity to interview many celebrities, authorities, doctors, advocates, and brand representatives. But I have to admit, the following interview with Zoe Salanda that took place on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is probably one of my favorite – if not MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Why? Because she said a few things that have truly stuck with me over this last year. They ring in my ear like a whisper. Knowledge that I needed to hear about myself – about women in general – was packaged up in a kick a** chat that probably lasted about 25 minutes or so. I didn’t need to climb a mountain to find some zen. I just needed a quick pick me up chat with Zoe and hear her pillars of truth… and now I get to share them with you!!! I’ve been sitting on this interview for almost a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spoke about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – of course! You will get all those great nuggets in here as well. But please, read through and soak up all of her goodness. I want that woman to write a book. I would buy it in a heartbeat. She has a lot of power behind her thoughts and I believe there are plenty of women on this planet that need to hear a lot more of it.

On Her Wonderful Relationship With Chris Pratt On And Off Screen:

We’re parents and we’re parents of wonderful little kid boys. So, we’re constantly bouncing back ideas about being part of a family that’s like a traveling troop. She (Chris Pratt’s wife)  has to also stay and work and everything.

I also share the experience with my husband and I have to make these ultimate sacrifices because one of us has to travel with work and the other one works remotely.  

On Her Favorite Type Of Movie Roles

I like sci-fi and I like spaces that are under-served. I think that for females, we need more examples of professions and callings. I think that women need to be a little more physical.  It’s better for our health.  It helps our sanity, too. 

I know I was a little girl starving to have more female heroes, you know? I held on to the very few that were out there and then I just had to become one because that’s what we do for our little girls, you know? 

On Tips For Finding Balance With Work And Travel

Talk, talk about everything, no assumptions, no reserved feelings.  Just last night, Mike say, “I understand we’re super busy. Let’s practice still connecting, conversations.  I don’t care what we’re talking about.  If you’re in the bathroom while I’m in the shower, –  just five things. Let’s just share five things.  It could be five anything.”  And I love, I love that.  You just have to constantly keep it open.

And not just because you’re so tired, like getting lazy with the most important work in your life – which is your home/your life.

On Her Fitness Routine

It requires determination and a lot of discipline. I did not want to hate myself and I did not want to start fantasizing of what I used to be.  I wanted to work with what I have.  I gained 65 pounds.  I’m not comparing myself to everybody but if my experience can be inspirational for you guys, I’m a killer. 

I don’t just approach life like, “I”m going to start… like Sunday.” No,  I’m going to start Monday because Sunday, you know, we’re having the barbeque.  I’m like no f**cking way.  No f**king way cause to me it’s scarier to look at myself while I’m brushing my teeth and have 10 things to say about myself that I hate. 

We’re gifts.  We’re f**king unique.  We’re special.  We’ve got to work.  We work for everybody else every single f**king day.  You work for yourself.  Be self-focused.

I don’t compromise.  Even when people in my family… Look, we are Latinas. We eat…like everything. Everything is in the kitchen, do you know what I’m saying?  Like we’re happy.  You’re sick?  Get yourself a bucket of ice cream, like we’re Latinas, make some rice and beans, but you kind of go I, I need the energy.  I have twin boys, for the love of God, what am I, crazy?  When these kids start running, what am I going to do?  Feel tired or no?

On Her Trick For Attending A Party

If we’re having a get-together.  Great, I’ll have dinner before.  That way I’m not like bitter!  Just little things like that and, and Marco was super helpful.  It helps a lot when you have a partner that is super supportive and understanding of the ups and downs and is compassionate/ empathetic about the fact that you just went through a life changing transformation. 

On Living A Gluten-Free Life

I guess I can talk about this. I live gluten-free as well. 

We’re having a lot of problems with our hormones ladies, our thyroids, where it’s what we eat.  It’s not in products that we’re using, you know what I’m saying?  So, the enemy can live within and it’s about cleaning gut, it’s about fixing hormone levels, getting blood panels once a year after we become mothers, because we’re having adverse reactions to gluten more and more and more and more.  Our children are also being born with celiac and things like that.  I don’t know if there’s a correlation but I read everything.

I have Hashimoto’s. I have an under-active thyroid.  I’m on medication for the rest of my life.  I want to be ahead of it.  I don’t want to victimize myself.  So, that is something I’m very conscious about.  We’re 80% gluten-free.

I mean… can we talk about how empowering and how AWESOME Zoe is in real life? I know we all support her on the big screen, but it was so refreshing to read her insight on life and motherhood and female power. As someone who lives with Hashimoto’s disease as well, I can tell you that after leaving this interview, I changed my pantry from the inside / out. I now only cook with whole foods and no longer lean on proceeded boxes of grains, potatoes, and beans. All those added spices and seasonings that companies put into mixes and prepacked goods contain gluten. Making rice from scratch or potatoes from scratch is truly just as easy. It took me hearing it from someone who is also living with the disease to realize that it is also possible. Truth be told, she is much more diligent with her diet. But I am getting there. One small meal at a time.

Zoe, if you ever read this – please write a book! Tell us all in detail what you do with your diet and with your fitness and wellness plans. I am telling you – everyone would buy it!!! You can target it to thyroid patients or NOT. Either way, it will be a total success. And yes, I’m being absolutely selfish in asking this of you. 🙂

Are you planning on seeing Guardians of the Galaxy 2? I AM!!!!! Cannot WAIT! The movie releases May 5th!

*Disney invited me to the studio to interview the cast. All opinions are my own.

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