How To Use Dry Shampoo (VIDEO Review Of Suave Professionals)

Oh man my accent came out during this one… I’m from Queens! What can I say?! When I get a little comfortable it starts to ooze uncontrollably. Forgive me. LOL!

Have you ever wanted to try DRY SHAMPOO? Suave sent over a few items from their new Professionals line and I was MOST interested in the dry shampoo. I know several bloggers who swear by it! I waited a day and gave it a shot and I saw a noticeable difference. My hair didn’t seem so flat on top. So excited about this find. Check out the video to see what I’m talking about

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  1. So cute! Have you tried overnight conditioner? I have super fine / thin hair, so I was thinking about trying it to help give it a little shine and boost. Any experience with it? Brands that you recommend?

    Posted 2.10.11
  2. KissKiss wrote:

    It’s funny how you mentioned that for a while you couldn’t find it anywhere, but now it’s everywhere. A few days ago I actually read an article about its increasing popularity amongst teenage girls in the UK, and how it’s flying off the shelves now.

    Posted 2.10.11
  3. NYCPatty wrote:

    Interesting, I’ve always been curious about dry shampoo. Glad Suave is on board. I’ll try it!
    You sound fine to me…I grew up in Astoria 🙂

    Posted 2.14.11
  4. Guvie wrote:

    Friggen great product eh? I dont hear any accent, but thats between you, me and the four walls…I use to use a product long ago called Psssssssssssssssst…I hope to try this product of Suave! Thanks for the tip!

    Posted 10.30.11

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